10M02SCU169C8G by Intel Corporation

Overview of 10M02SCU169C8G by Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation’s 10M02SCU169C8G belongs to the electronic components subcategory of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), which fall under the broader category of Programmable Logic. This specific part is configured as an IC FPGA with 130 I/O laid out in a 169-UBGA package. Its dimensions are standardized at 11×11 mm with a pitch of 0.80 mm. Further, it is compliant with the industry’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive and REACH, demonstrating Intel’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

The 10M02SCU169C8G operates with a nominal supply voltage of 3.3 V and is designed to maximize performance in a petite yet powerful UBGA-169 package. This makes it an optimal choice for applications demanding high-density integration and miniaturization without sacrificing performance. Moreover, the component’s operation within the 2.85V to 3.15V range, along with its programmable logic type being an FPGA, offers considerable flexibility to engineers and designers in various high-tech domains. Its capability to operate at a maximum temperature of 85°C and its provision for a considerable number of inputs and outputs (246 I/O) outline its resilience and adaptability in demanding environments.

Industry Applications for 10M02SCU169C8G

The 10M02SCU169C8G, with its extensive feature set, holds the potential for a wide range of applications in numerous industries. Below are some of the sectors and use cases where this FPGA could be particularly valuable:

  • Computing and Data Storage: This part can be utilized in server farms, solid-state drives (SSDs), and other high-performance computing systems where processing speed and data throughput are critical. The high I/O count and the fast operational speeds make it an excellent choice for managing complex computations and large datasets efficiently.
  • Telecommunications: Telecommunication infrastructure, such as base stations, network routers, and switches might leverage the 10M02SCU169C8G for its high-speed logic processing capabilities. Its flexibility and programmability allow for rapid updating and adaptation to new protocols or systems as telecommunications technology evolves.
  • Industrial Automation and Control Systems: the versatile nature of FPGAs allows this part to be potentially used in the design of industrial automation systems. Its ability to handle multiple control tasks synchronously makes it suitable for PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), motor control units, and real-time process monitoring.
  • Consumer Electronics: In consumer electronics, such as smart wearables, sophisticated home automation systems, or high-end audio/visual equipment, the 10M02SCU169C8G could provide the necessary computation power and logic control. Its small form factor and low power consumption align well with the compact and efficient design ethos prevalent in consumer electronics.

It’s important to note that these potential applications are only conceptual/illustrative and require thorough analysis and verification by engineering and design teams to confirm their viability and performance in specific use cases.

About Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation is a globally recognized leader in the development and manufacturing of semiconductor chips, with a notable presence in the Programmable Logic and Field Programmable Gate Arrays market. Intel’s contributions to the FPGA sector underscore their commitment to providing advanced, flexible, and scalable computing solutions across various industries. Intel has been instrumental in driving innovation in this field, offering a range of FPGA devices that cater to everything from low-end, power-sensitive applications to high-performance, demanding compute tasks.

The 10M02SCU169C8G and similar parts manufactured by Intel are testament to their dedication to quality, performance, and technological advancement. Intel’s FPGA solutions are designed to offer developers and engineers the flexibility to address a broad spectrum of applications, from embedded systems to the backbone of complex digital infrastructure.

Where to Find 10M02SCU169C8G by Intel Corporation

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