2N7002 by Diotec Semiconductor AG

Overview of 2N7002 by Diotec Semiconductor AG

The 2N7002 is a Small Signal Field-Effect Transistor designed by Diotec Semiconductor AG, optimized for switching applications. This particular model, encased in a SOT-23 package, boasts a minimal foot-print suited for dense circuit designs. It functions as an N-channel MOSFET and is characterized by a 60V drain-source breakdown voltage and a drain current maximum of 280mA. Noteworthy for its high degree of reliability in operation, the 2N7002 can withstand an operating temperature range up to 150°C. Its design incorporates a built-in diode, highlighting its versatility and suitability for various applications. Additional features include a low on-resistance maximum of 5 Ω, providing efficient power management and minimal voltage drop across the device when in operation.

Notable attributes from the Part Data Attributes include the component’s enhancement mode operation, a feature that enables the transistor to act as a efficient electronic switch with a comparatively low gate-drive power. The transistor’s packaging material is plastic/epoxy, ensuring durability and resistance to physical stresses. Moreover, its gull-wing terminal form facilitates surface mounting, a valuable characteristic for modern PCB manufacturing processes. Reflecting modern manufacturing standards, the 2N7002 also meets RoHS compliance, signifying its absence of hazardous materials, and is designated with a Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) of 1, denoting it as highly resistant to moisture-induced damage during assembly.

Industry Applications for 2N7002

The 2N7002, given its compact size and power-handling capabilities, finds its uses in a broad array of applications across multiple industries. Although these potential applications require thorough analysis and verification by engineering and design teams, several industry uses could significantly benefit from this transistor’s incorporation:

  • Energy and Power Systems: Could be used in power regulation systems and smart power distribution networks, aiding in the efficient management of power within these systems.
  • Transportation and Logistics: Might find applications in electronic control units for vehicles or in RFID tracking systems, where its small size and reliable switching capabilities are critical.
  • Renewable Energy: Potentially suited for inverters in solar power systems or wind turbines, where efficient power conversion is essential for maximizing energy harvest.
  • Automotive: Its high temperature tolerance and switching efficiency may make it suitable for use in automotive sensors, ECUs, and battery management systems, enhancing vehicle performance and safety.

These applications highlight the 2N7002’s versatility and the importance of component attributes such as operating temperature range, switching speed, and power dissipation capabilities in various industry contexts.

About Diotec Semiconductor AG.

Diotec Semiconductor AG specializes in the design and manufacturing of semiconductors, particularly focusing on diodes and rectifiers in addition to a range of transistors including Small Signal Field-Effect Transistors. Known for its innovative approaches to semiconductor technology, Diotec’s portfolio includes a variety of components that cater to a wide spectrum of applications in electronics. The 2N7002 is a testament to their commitment to quality and performance, encapsulating advanced features in a compact and efficient design. This part, alongside others in Diotec’s lineup, underscores the company’s capability in creating robust transistor solutions that meet the evolving demands of the electronics industry.

Where to Find 2N7002 by Diotec Semiconductor AG

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