BTS50901EJAXUMA1 by Infineon Technologies AG

Overview of BTS50901EJAXUMA1 by Infineon Technologies AG

The BTS50901EJAXUMA1 by Infineon Technologies AG is a high-level buffer/inverter based peripheral driver, specialized for high-side power load switching applications. It supports a wide input voltage range up to 28V with a current limit feature that can handle up to 15A. The device exhibits a low on-state resistance of just 0.09 Ohm, allowing for efficient power switching. Packaged in a green, plastic PDSO8 (MS-012BA, SOP-8) package, it is designed to meet rigorous thermal protection requirements, thus ensuring reliability across its service life, even under varying environmental conditions. This component is compliant with RoHS, highlighting Infineon’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

The BTS50901EJAXUMA1, with its robust design, offers built-in transient, over-current, over-voltage, thermal, and under-voltage protection, making it an incredibly resilient part for demanding applications. An output peak current limit of 3A and support for surface mounting technology further augment its utility in a wide array of power management applications. Additionally, the device is active in lifecycle status and has a maximum supply voltage of 28V, ensuring it meets a broad range of high side power load switch requirements with efficiency and reliability.

Industry Applications for BTS50901EJAXUMA1

The BTS50901EJAXUMA1’s versatile features make it suitable for a variety of industrial applications. These potential applications necessitate thorough analysis and verification by engineering and design teams to ensure compatibility and optimal performance. Some of the key industries and application use cases include:

  • Energy and Power Systems: Its high current limit and low on-state resistance make it suitable for controlling power distribution systems, switchgear, and other energy management solutions.
  • Transportation and Logistics: The device could potentially find application in vehicle power management systems, where efficient power switching and protection are critical.
  • Renewable Energy: In solar inverters or wind turbine controllers, the BTS50901EJAXUMA1 can help manage the flow of power between generation sources and storage systems efficiently.
  • Automotive: Given its high side switch capabilities and protective features, it could be used in automotive applications such as electronic control units (ECUs), power distribution boxes, and in the management of automotive lighting systems.

Note that these potential applications require proper integration into the system and full validation to ensure they meet the specific requirements of each use case.

About Infineon Technologies AG

Infineon Technologies AG is a leading global supplier in the semiconductor industry, significantly contributing to the Peripheral Drivers category among the broader Drivers and Interfaces market. Infineon is known for its innovative and reliable solutions that address complex challenges across a wide range of industries, including automotive, renewable energy, and industrial power control. The BTS50901EJAXUMA1 is one of many examples of Infineon’s commitment to high-quality, performance-oriented components that enhance the capabilities and safety of electronic systems. Infineon’s portfolio also includes a diverse array of semiconductor solutions, from microcontrollers and sensors to power and radio frequency (RF) components.

Where to Find BTS50901EJAXUMA1 by Infineon Technologies AG

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