C0402C104K4RAC7867 by KEMET Corporation

Overview of C0402C104K4RAC7867 by KEMET Corporation

The C0402C104K4RAC7867 is a high-quality ceramic capacitor manufactured by KEMET Corporation, designed for surface mount technology (SMT). This electronic component belongs to the category of Ceramic Capacitors, a crucial part of the Capacitors family. With a capacitance value of 0.1 µF and a rated (DC) voltage of 16 V, it is constructed to operate within a wide temperature range of -55º to +125ºC. Its dielectric material, categorized under the X7R temperature coefficient, allows for stable electric performance with an approximate 15% change in capacitance due to temperature variations across its operating range.

This capacitor is tailored for general-purpose applications, featuring an 0402 package size (1 x 0.5 x 0.5 mm), which is incredibly compact, making it ideal for high-density electronic projects. With its tight ±10% tolerance, Pb-free, and RoHS compliance, alongside meeting REACH and ECCN EAR99 standards, the C0402C104K4RAC7867 ensures environmentally friendly usage and applicability in a diverse range of products globally. The surface-mount feature exemplifies modern electronic assembly techniques, providing ease of integration into various circuit designs.

Industry Applications for C0402C104K4RAC7867

The flexibility and reliability of the C0402C104K4RAC7867 make it suitable for a wide array of applications. Given its stable performance in a broad temperature spectrum and compact size, this component may find its use in several key industries:

  • Consumer Electronics: Potentially integrated into compact devices like smartphones, tablets, or wearables due to its small form factor and reliability.
  • Automotive: Its high temperature tolerance makes it suitable for automotive electronic systems that require components to withstand harsh engine environments.
  • Industrial: Could serve in control systems and sensors where stability across a wide range of temperatures is crucial.
  • Education and Research: Ideal for experimental boards and educational kits due to its general-purpose nature and ease of use in prototyping.
  • Telecommunications: May be incorporated into networking hardware such as switches and routers, which require reliable capacitors for signal integrity.

These applications benefit from the part’s robust design, capable of withstanding adverse conditions while maintaining its electrical characteristics, highlighting its versatility across multiple fields.

About KEMET Corporation.

KEMET Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of electronic components, specializing in Capacitors, with a particular focus on Ceramic Capacitors among other types. The company is renowned for its innovation, reliability, and broad product range that caters to virtually any application need. The C0402C104K4RAC7867 is just one example of KEMET’s commitment to quality, performance, and environmental compliance. KEMET’s product portfolio spans across various capacitor categories, including tantalum, film, electrolytic, and supercapacitors, adhering to the highest industry standards for performance and reliability. Known for their forward-thinking technology and sustainable manufacturing practices, KEMET parts are a staple in electronic designs across the globe, serving industries from automotive to aerospace with their cutting-edge solutions.

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