C0805C104K1RACTU by KEMET Corporation

Overview of C0805C104K1RACTU by KEMET Corporation

The C0805C104K1RACTU is a Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) from KEMET Corporation, featuring a capacitance of 0.1 µF with a deviation of ±10%. Operating within a voltage range of 100 V, this capacitor is part of the C Series designed for general-purpose applications. Its temperature coefficient is classified under the X7R dielectric material, ensuring a stable capacitance across a temperature range from -55º to +125ºC. With dimensions following the 0805 [2012 Metric] package, it is suitable for compact surface mount technology (SMT). Furthermore, the component is RoHS compliant and adopts a Pb-free status, enhancing its suitability for environmentally sensitive applications. The package is also delivered in a 7-inch reel, facilitating automated assembly processes.

KEMET’s C0805C104K1RACTU is distinguished by its X7R dielectric material which allows it to maintain its electrical properties across a broad range of temperatures, making it an ideal choice for various applications. Additionally, this capacitor benefits from a Matte Tin (Sn) terminal finish with a Nickel (Ni) barrier, which not only adheres to environmental standards but also ensures reliable solderability and connection integrity. Geared towards aiding in electronic circuit stability and performance, this part is actively utilized in diverse fields requiring precise capacitance values and dependable performance under varying environmental conditions.

Industry Applications for C0805C104K1RACTU

The versatile specifications of the C0805C104K1RACTU permit its use across a wide array of industries. While specific applications require thorough analysis and verification by engineering and design teams, the following are conceptual applications that could potentially benefit from this capacitor:

  • Energy and Power Systems: The C0805C104K1RACTU might be integrated into power supply units, renewable energy inverters, and smart grid technologies. Its stability across temperature variations is particularly beneficial for outdoor and variable climate installations.
  • Telecommunications: Within the telecommunication sector, this capacitor could potentially find applications in networking equipment, RF signal processing units, and base station hardware. The X7R dielectric’s performance is crucial for maintaining signal integrity under diverse operating temperatures.
  • Consumer Electronics: Given its compact size and general-purpose design, the C0805C104K1RACTU is suitable for various consumer electronics, including portable devices, audio systems, and digital cameras, where stable capacitance values are vital for device functionality.
  • Industrial Automation: In the realm of industrial automation, this component might be applied in control systems, sensors, and automation machinery, where reliable performance across a broad range of operating conditions is required.

These applications are only conceptual and illustrative, emphasizing the need for individual analysis and verification by dedicated engineering and design teams to determine the part’s suitability for specific applications.

About KEMET Corporation

KEMET Corporation is a global leader in the manufacturing of electronic components, specializing in capacitors for a wide range of applications. Within the arena of Ceramic Capacitors, KEMET offers a broad portfolio, including the C0805C104K1RACTU, designed to cater to the diverse needs of the electronics industry. KEMET’s commitment to quality, innovation, and environmental stewardship has made its products preferred choices among engineers and procurement specialists alike. By continuously advancing its technology and manufacturing capabilities, KEMET ensures its capacitors meet the stringent requirements of an ever-evolving electronics market, maintaining high performance, reliability, and eco-friendliness.

Where to Find C0805C104K1RACTU by KEMET Corporation

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