CGA5L1X7R1V106K160AC by TDK Corporation

Overview of CGA5L1X7R1V106K160AC by TDK Corporation

The CGA5L1X7R1V106K160AC by TDK Corporation is a ceramic capacitor that falls under the Ceramic Capacitors subcategory. This multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) offers a capacitance of 10 µF with a rated DC voltage of 35V. Its package/case is the 1206 [3216 Metric], featuring a capacitance tolerance of ± 10% and a dielectric characteristic of X7R. The product is compliant with RoHS, indicating it is manufactured with environmentally safe materials.

Significantly, this component boasts a temperature coefficient of 15% ppm/°C and is designed to operate within a wide temperature range of -55 °C to +125 °C. The CGA5L1X7R1V106K160AC has dimensions of 3.2 mm in length and 1.6 mm in both width and height, making it suitable for surface mount technology (SMT) applications. Its terminals are finished with matte tin over nickel, ensuring good solderability and long-term reliability. This part is ideal for applications requiring high capacitance stability over temperature variations, thanks to its X7R dielectric material. Its packaging method includes tape and reel for efficient assembly processes.

Industry Applications for CGA5L1X7R1V106K160AC

The CGA5L1X7R1V106K160AC’s specifications and characteristics make it suitable for a diverse range of applications across different industries. The potential application areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Internet of Things (IoT): This capacitor might be used in IoT devices where stable capacitor performance over various temperatures is crucial. Devices such as smart sensors, home automation systems, and wearable technology could benefit from this component’s stable electrical characteristics and compact size.
  • Industrial Automation: In industrial environments, the reliability and efficiency of machinery are paramount. The CGA5L1X7R1V106K160AC could potentially be integrated into control systems, power supplies, and motor drives to enhance performance stability and ensure operational reliability under variable industrial temperatures.
  • Healthcare: Medical devices that require precise electronic controls, such as diagnostic equipment and portable monitors, might utilize this capacitor. Its compliance with RoHS and the reliability under a wide range of operating temperatures make it suitable for sensitive applications.
  • Renewable Energy: Systems such as solar inverters and wind turbines, which operate in varying environmental conditions, could benefit from the CGA5L1X7R1V106K160AC’s temperature capabilities and reliability.
  • Robotics and Drones: The high capacitance and small form factor make it ideal for power management applications in robotics and drones, where space is at a premium and efficiency is critical.

It is essential to note that these potential applications require thorough analysis and verification by engineering and design teams to ensure compatibility and performance requirements are met.

About TDK Corporation

TDK Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of electronic components, with a significant emphasis on capacitor technology, including Ceramic Capacitors. TDK prides itself on innovation and quality, offering a wide range of capacitor types for various applications. The CGA5L1X7R1V106K160AC is just one example of TDK’s commitment to providing reliable and high-performance electronic components. TDK’s product line spans various capacitor technologies beyond ceramic capacitors, meeting the needs of almost any electronic device design. Their capacitors are known for durability, high performance, and the ability to operate in harsh environments, making TDK products a staple in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Where to Find CGA5L1X7R1V106K160AC by TDK Corporation

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