CON-SMA-EDGE by RF Solutions LTD

Overview of CON-SMA-EDGE by RF Solutions LTD.

The CON-SMA-EDGE by RF Solutions LTD is an RF SMA connector featuring 1 contact(s), female, designed for board mount via surface mount terminal. This connector includes a locking feature and is comparable to the Molex part number 73251-1150. It belongs to the RF SMA/SSMA Connectors subcategory within the broader category of connectors. This part emphasizes convenience and robustness for RF signal connections on printed circuit boards (PCBs), particularly for edge mounting applications. The Rohs Code compliance indicates that the CON-SMA-EDGE complies with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), making it suitable for usage in various international markets. Furthermore, the part life cycle code suggests contacting the manufacturer for current production status, highlighting the importance of direct communication with RF Solutions for potential buyers or users of this connector.

Industry Applications for CON-SMA-EDGE

Potential applications for the CON-SMA-EDGE span across multiple key industries, reflecting the versatility and utility of this connector. It’s vital to note that these applications might require additional analysis and verification by engineering and design teams to ensure compatibility and performance.

  • Consumer Electronics: The CON-SMA-EDGE could potentially be utilized in devices such as RF-enabled wearables, smart home appliances, and audio-visual equipment. The locking feature and ease of mounting make it an attractive option for compact and reliable RF connections within these devices.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): IoT devices, which require robust and efficient RF communications for data transmission, could benefit from using the CON-SMA-EDGE. Examples include home automation systems, personal health monitors, and environmental sensors.
  • Smart Cities: In the context of smart city infrastructure, this connector could find applications in IoT sensor networks for monitoring traffic, environmental conditions, or utility management systems. The reliability and RoHS compliance of the CON-SMA-EDGE make it a suitable choice for these critical applications.
  • Telecommunications: Given the importance of seamless RF connectivity in telecommunications equipment, the CON-SMA-EDGE might be implemented in devices such as cellular base stations, network routers, and RF transceivers.

It’s crucial for applications in these industries to undergo thorough compatibility and performance verification to ensure the CON-SMA-EDGE meets specific requirements.

About RF Solutions LTD.

RF Solutions LTD is an established manufacturer specializing in a wide range of RF components, including an extensive array of RF SMA/SSMA Connectors. The company is recognized for its commitment to quality, innovation, and providing cost-effective solutions for RF communication needs across various sectors. The CON-SMA-EDGE is just one example of RF Solutions LTD’s comprehensive lineup, indicative of their expertise in creating products that meet stringent industry standards while accommodating a broad spectrum of RF connectivity requirements. By focusing on the development of versatile and durable connectors, RF Solutions LTD helps engineers and designers across multiple industries achieve their electronic component objectives efficiently.

Where to Find CON-SMA-EDGE by RF Solutions LTD

To locate the CON-SMA-EDGE for purchase, it’s recommended to conduct research through This platform offers an insightful and detailed overview of available stock levels, pricing, and distributors catering to RF SMA/SSMA Connectors. Historically, distributors such as Mouser Electronics and DigiKey have stocked the CON-SMA-EDGE. However, availability can fluctuate, underscoring the benefit of using a comprehensive search tool like FindChips for the most current information. On FindChips, you can also explore alternate parts offered by RF Solutions LTD or other manufacturers, ensuring you find the best fit for your application needs.

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