CR0402-FX-1002GLF by Bourns Inc

Overview of CR0402-FX-1002GLF by Bourns Inc.

The CR0402-FX-1002GLF is defined as a Fixed Resistor, incorporating Ruthenium Oxide technology with a power rating of 0.0625W and resistance of 10,000 ohms. It operates within a voltage rating of 50V and maintains a resistance tolerance of ±1%. This component is designed for surface mounting, utilizing the 0402 (1005 Metric) chip format compliant with the RoHS standard. Key attributes include a temperature coefficient of 100 ppm/°C, a tolerance of 1%, and it is encapsulated in a SMT package that measures 1 mm in length, 0.5 mm in width, and 0.32 mm in height. Manufactured by Bourns Inc., this resistor benefits from a metal glaze/thick film technology, designed to provide reliable performance in a wide range of environmental conditions, from -55 °C to a maximum operating temperature of 155 °C.

Industry Applications for CR0402-FX-1002GLF

The CR0402-FX-1002GLF, due to its unique specifications and extensive reliability, finds its application in a broad range of industry sectors. These applications, while extensive, demand careful analysis and verification by engineering and design teams to ensure compatibility and optimal performance. Notable sectors include:

  • Consumer Electronics: This part might be used in devices where space and power efficiency are crucial. Applications could include portable electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, and wearables where precise resistance values are critical.
  • Security and Surveillance: In this sector, the resistor could potentially be applied in sensitive electronic components of surveillance cameras or intrusion detection systems which require stable and reliable performance over a wide range of operating temperatures.
  • Computing and Data Storage: Considering its precise resistance and stability, the CR0402-FX-1002GLF may be utilized in the design of motherboards, SSDs, servers, and other computing and data storage hardware where tight tolerance and thermal stability are essential.
  • Automotive: The automotive industry’s increasing electronic component density and the need for reliable performance under harsh conditions make this resistor suitable for applications within vehicle electronic systems, possibly including sensor circuits or infotainment systems.
  • Healthcare: Medical devices that monitor health or provide therapy might leverage this part’s precision and reliability, such as in portable patient monitoring equipment.
  • Energy and Power Systems: With its resistance to high temperatures and precision tolerance, it could ideally fit into electronic circuits within renewable energy systems, such as solar inverters or wind turbine controls.

Note that these potential applications require thorough verification by engineering and design teams to ensure the part meets specific system requirements.

About Bourns Inc.

Bourns Inc. is a global manufacturer known for its innovative contributions to the field of electrical components, including a significant emphasis on resistors. With a history marked by reliability and advancement, Bourns Inc. has established a robust portfolio of resistor technologies, among which the Ruthenium Oxide Resistors stand out for their durability and precision. The CR0402-FX-1002GLF is a testament to this, exemplifying the company’s commitment to quality and efficiency. Bourns Inc. continuously evolves its technology to address the demanding needs of contemporary electronic applications, making its resistors, including similar parts to the CR0402-FX-1002GLF, critical components in a multitude of industry sectors.

Where to Find CR0402-FX-1002GLF by Bourns Inc

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