CRCW060320K0FKEA by Vishay Intertechnologies

Overview of CRCW060320K0FKEA by Vishay Intertechnologies

The CRCW060320K0FKEA is a fixed resistor from Vishay Intertechnologies, featuring a metal glaze/thick film technology. It has a resistance value of 20,000 ohms with a tolerance of ±1%, operating in a power range of 0.1W. The component is designed for surface mounting, within a compact 0603 package size, making it well-suited for space-constrained applications. It operates within a voltage rating of 75V and exhibits a temperature coefficient of 100 ppm/°C, ensuring stable performance over a broad range of environmental conditions. Certified as halogen-free and compliant with RoHS standards, this resistor ensures environmentally-friendly applications. Additionally, it boasts features such as laser trimmability, allowing for precise adjustment of its resistance value post manufacturing. The product is currently active, highlighting its ongoing relevance and availability in the market.

Industry Applications for CRCW060320K0FKEA

The diverse specifications of CRCW060320K0FKEA make it a viable option for a wide range of applications across various industries. Given its performance characteristics, several potential use cases include:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities – In IoT devices and smart city infrastructure, where power efficiency and reliable performance in varying environmental conditions are crucial, this resistor could play a vital role in circuit designs.
  • Consumer Electronics – In devices like smartphones, tablets, and wearables, where space is at a premium, its small 0603 package allows for seamless integration without sacrificing performance.
  • Healthcare – Medical devices that require precise electronic controls can benefit from the accurate resistance and stable performance of this component, particularly those with strict compliance and environmental requirements.
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems – These systems often operate in harsh conditions, making this component’s stable characteristics for temperature and tolerance especially valuable.

Note, these potential applications are conceptual and require thorough analysis and verification by engineering and design teams to ensure suitability for specific projects.

About Vishay Intertechnologies

Vishay Intertechnologies is a global leader in the manufacturing of electronic components, particularly known for its extensive range of resistors, including the metal glaze/thick film resistors. The company’s product portfolio encompasses various resistor technologies, ensuring solutions for an extensive array of application needs. The CRCW060320K0FKEA, as part of this product family, exemplifies Vishay’s commitment to high-quality, reliable components. Vishay’s expertise in producing resistors is demonstrated through its innovative product lines that meet the rigorous standards of various industries, including automotive, consumer electronics, and medical technologies. Furthermore, Vishay has grown its global presence, ensuring a steady supply of its components for manufacturers and designers worldwide.

Where to Find CRCW060320K0FKEA by Vishay Intertechnologies

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