CRCW120610K0FKEA by Vishay Intertechnologies

Overview of CRCW120610K0FKEA by Vishay Intertechnologies

The CRCW120610K0FKEA by Vishay Intertechnologies is a fixed resistor belonging to the broad Metal Glaze/Thick Film Resistors subcategory within the resistors category. This component is characterized by a resistance value of 10KΩ with a tolerance of ±1%, and is capable of handling a power rating of 250mW. Its voltage rating stands at 200V. With a size code of 1206, this surface-mount resistor has been designed for easy integration into a wide range of electronic assemblies. Additionally, it is HALOGEN FREE and satisfies ROHS compliance requirements, making it suitable for use in environmentally-conscious applications.

The CRCW120610K0FKEA offers a temperature coefficient of 100 ppm/°C, operating in a temperature range from -55 °C to +155 °C. This part is also AEC-Q200 compliant, denoting its suitability for automotive applications where reliability and durability are critical. Its LASER TRIMMABLE feature allows for precise resistance value configuration, enhancing its versatility in various applications. The package style is SMT (Surface Mount Technology), and it has a rectangular construction. The part’s additional features include a matte tin over nickel terminal finish and a wraparound terminal shape, contributing to its reliability and efficiency in circuit designs.

Industry Applications for CRCW120610K0FKEA

The versatile nature of the CRCW120610K0FKEA allows it to be potentially used across a broad spectrum of industries and applications. Below are some illustrative use cases where this component might find applications, but it is important to remember that these potential applications require analysis and verification by engineering and design teams.

  • Internet of Things (IoT): Used in IoT devices for balancing and current control, CRCW120610K0FKEA could be a crucial component for smart home devices, wearable technology, or industrial IoT sensors.
  • Environmental Monitoring: In environmental monitoring systems, precise resistance values are critical for accurate measurement in weather stations, air quality monitors, and water quality testing equipment.
  • Agriculture Technology: Agriculture tech devices such as soil moisture sensors and climate control systems in smart farming might use these resistors for reliable operations under varying environmental conditions.
  • Consumer Electronics: Common in consumer electronics, including audio/video equipment, portable devices, and home appliances, CRCW120610K0FSTG supports both power management and signal processing roles.
  • Automotive: Given its AEC-Q200 compliance, the resistor can be used in automotive electronics, including engine control units, infotainment systems, and safety sensors.

Note: The potential applications listed here are only conceptual/illustrative and necessitate thorough analysis and validation by engineering and design professionals before implementation in any project.

About Vishay Intertechnologies

Vishay Intertechnologies is a global leader in the manufacture of electronic components, with a strong focus on resistors, capacitors, inductors, connectors, and more. Within the domain of resistors, particularly Metal Glaze/Thick Film Resistors, the company has established itself as a reliable source of high-quality components. The CRCW120610K0FKEA, along with similar parts like CRCW0603 and CRCW0805 series, exemplify Vishay’s commitment to providing components that meet stringent industry standards and cater to a wide range of technical requirements. Vishay’s parts are widely respected for their reliability, precision, and durability, making them a preferred choice for engineers and procurement specialists alike.

Where to Find CRCW120610K0FKEA by Vishay Intertechnologies

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