DCM3623T50M31C2M00 by Vicor Corporation

Overview of DCM3623T50M31C2M00 by Vicor Corporation

The DCM3623T50M31C2M00 is a DC-DC regulated power supply module designed to convert a broad input voltage range of 16 V to 50 V to a regulated output voltage of 28 V, delivering up to 322W of power. Manufactured by Vicor Corporation, this power supply module underscores efficiency and flexibility in a variety of applications. Its hybrid technology and through-hole design, encompassed within a 9-pin package, make it a versatile choice for engineers looking to achieve reliable power conversion.

This module is not only remarkable for its high-power output but also for its capabilities to provide a trimmable and adjustable output, enabling precise control over the power supply according to the needs of specific applications. The DCM3623T50M31C2M00 is assembled in a rectangular, microelectronic package, measuring 38.72 mm in length and 22.8 mm in width, with a maximum seated height of 7.31 mm. Its design is optimized for durability and performance, making it suitable for demanding environments.

The part is RoHS compliant, indicating adherence to strict environmental standards by avoiding the use of certain hazardous materials in its manufacture. It carries an ECCN code of EAR99, allowing it to be exported to many countries worldwide without an export license under most circumstances. Introduced to the market on October 12, 2016, this module has maintained an active life cycle status, reflecting its ongoing relevance and demand in the market. As of the current writing, the factory lead time for this component is estimated at 32 weeks, highlighting the need for planning in procurement and manufacturing cycles.

Industry Applications for DCM3623T50M31C2M00

The DCM3623T50M31C2M00 is suitable for a wide array of industry applications, thanks to its robust design and adaptable power output. Below are a few sectors that could potentially benefit from this component:

  • Energy and Power Systems: This module can be utilized in various energy storage and distribution systems, including backup power supplies and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Its high efficiency and convertibility make it ideal for ensuring steady power in critical infrastructure.
  • Transportation and Logistics: Vehicles and systems that require reliable DC power at various voltages could harness this module for its efficiency and robustness. Examples might include electric-powered logistic vehicles and control systems in larger transportation infrastructure.
  • Renewable Energy: In the renewable energy sector, this part could find applications in solar power inverters or wind turbine control systems, converting and managing power from renewable sources efficiently.
  • Automotive: Though not specifically mentioned, if an application does not require AEC-Q101 compliance, this module might still be relevant for use in electric vehicles (EVs) or for powering onboard devices within vehicles due to its power output capabilities and adjustable voltage feature.

Note that these potential applications are conceptual/illustrative and require thorough analysis and verification by engineering and design teams to ensure compatibility and safety in each specific context.

About Vicor Corporation

Vicor Corporation specializes in the development and manufacturing of high-efficiency power supply modules and systems. As a leader in Power Supply Modules and power circuits, Vicor prides itself on innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of demanding industrial, commercial, and military applications. The DCM3623T50M31C2M00 is a prime example of Vicor’s commitment to delivering advanced power solutions that are compact, efficient, and capable of operating in challenging environments.

Vicor’s portfolio extends beyond this single component, encompassing a broad range of products designed to meet various power conversion and supply requirements. Each product, including DCM3623T50M31C2M00, is engineered to facilitate easier integration, superior performance, and scalability, catering to the diverse needs across sectors.

Where to Find DCM3623T50M31C2M00 by Vicor Corporation

For those interested in procuring the DCM3623T50M31C2M00, findchips.com provides an excellent resource for checking real-time stock levels and pricing from various distributors. Historically, this part has been available at distributors such as Avnet Americas, Mouser Electronics, Avnet Abacus, and DigiKey. While these distributors have been known to carry the module, availability can fluctuate.

To explore current options, including potentially finding alternate parts to DCM3623T50M31C2M00 offered by Vicor Corporation or other manufacturers, the Power Supply Modules page on findchips.com serves as a valuable tool. This platform allows for comprehensive part searches, helping identify the best solutions for specific application requirements.

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