DLP11TB800UL2L by Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd

Overview of DLP11TB800UL2L by Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd.

The DLP11TB800UL2L by Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd. is a specialized electronic component known as a Data Line Filter, designed for suppressing noise in data lines. This particular model features 2 functions, is rated for a 5V operation, and supports a current rating of 0.1A. It is packaged in an EIA standard package size of 0504, and it comes with 4 pins for connectivity. The form factor is incredibly compact, with dimensions specifying a height of 0.3mm, a length of 1.25mm, and a width of 1mm, facilitating its use in space-constrained applications. As of the current writing, the factory lead time for this part is listed as 14 weeks, indicating a wait time from order placement to delivery. It stands out for its low DC resistance, maximum of 1.5 Ω, and an impressive insulation resistance minimum of 100 MΩ, showcasing its efficiency and reliability in filtering applications.

Industry Applications for DLP11TB800UL2L

The DLP11TB800UL2L may find its applications spread across various industries, thanks to its functionality and specifications. Its primary role in suppressing noise in data lines makes it suitable for a multitude of electronic devices and systems. Below are potential industries and applications:

  • Consumer Electronics: This filter could be utilized in devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops where data integrity is crucial.
  • Audio and Video Systems: High-fidelity audio and video equipment, including home theater systems and professional-grade recording equipment, may benefit from the noise suppression offered by this filter.
  • Entertainment and Gaming: Gaming consoles and virtual reality systems require clean data lines for optimal performance, making this component a suitable choice.
  • Telecommunications: Equipment such as routers, switches, and modems may also leverage the DLP11TB800UL2L to ensure noise-free data transmission.
  • Industrial Controls: In industrial settings, this filter could protect sensitive data communication lines from electromagnetic interference, crucial for maintaining operational integrity.

About Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd.

Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd. is a globally recognized leader in the electronic components industry, particularly renowned for its innovative range of filters, including Data Line Filters. The DLP11TB800UL2L is just one example of Murata’s commitment to providing high-quality, reliable solutions for noise suppression and signal integrity in electronic systems. Murata’s product line spans a wide range of applications, indicating the company’s expertise in addressing diverse electronic component needs. Their offerings extend beyond Data Line Filters, encompassing capacitors, inductors, sensors, and more, making them a go-to manufacturer for comprehensive electronic design requirements.

Where to Find DLP11TB800UL2L by Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd

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