DM3BT-DSF-PEJS by Hirose Electric Co Ltd

Overview of DM3BT-DSF-PEJS by Hirose Electric Co Ltd.

The DM3BT-DSF-PEJS is a PCB connector designed for microSD card interfaces, featuring 8 contacts, a single row, male gender, and a right-angle surface mount terminal. This connector’s insulator is black, and it incorporates a push-push insert and eject mechanism for microSD cards. With the contacts made from copper alloy and gold-plated for enhanced conductivity and resistance to corrosion, this component falls within Hirose Electric’s microSD series. It is RoHS compliant, ensuring it meets the latest environmental standards for electronic components.

The connector’s dimensions and design make it suitable for space-constrained applications, with a body length of 0.632 inches, breadth of 0.094 inches, and depth of 0.545 inches. The importance of such compact dimensions cannot be overstated in today’s electronics where space savings is a critical design criteria. Additionally, the connector is characterized by a contact pitch of 1.1mm and a durability rating of 10,000 cycles, indicating its capability to withstand numerous insertions and extractions which is essential for devices where frequent memory card changes are expected.

Industry Applications for DM3BT-DSF-PEJS

This connector’s characteristics allow for its potential application across a broad range of industries. While its direct usage within space technology, aerospace and defense, energy and power systems, transportation and logistics, renewable energy, and even automotive sectors has been identified, it’s essential to consider the DM3BT-DSF-PEJS connector’s adaptability to various products and systems within these fields. It is important to note that these potential applications are conceptual and should be validated by engineering and design teams.

  • Space Technology and Aerospace: In space satellites or drones, where space and reliability under harsh conditions are critical, the DM3BT-DSF-PEJS could potentially be used for data logging, software updates, or configuration settings storage focuses.
  • Energy and Power Systems: For renewable energy applications such as solar inverters, wind turbines, or energy meters, this connector might serve in monitoring systems, facilitating data storage for performance analytics or system updates.
  • Transportation and Logistics: In GPS systems, vehicle tracking devices, or digital tachographs, the DM3BT-DSF-PEJS may be utilized for storing critical navigation or logistical data.
  • Renewable Energy: Within control panels of solar installations or wind farms, this connector could potentially support the recording of efficiency data or operational parameters, aiding in maintenance and performance evaluation.

These insights are indicative, highlighting the connector’s versatility depending on the application’s specific requirements regarding size, durability, and data interface needs.

About Hirose Electric Co Ltd.

Hirose Electric Co Ltd. is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative connectors that meet the requirements of an ever-expanding set of applications in industries such as consumer electronics, telecommunications, and industrial manufacturing. The company specializes in developing both standard and custom interconnect solutions that emphasize precision, reliability, and performance. Among their extensive product range, the DM3BT-DSF-PEJS is a prime example of Hirose’s commitment to quality in the Headers and Edge Type Connectors subcategory. Hirose’s offerings include various connectors characterized by durability, high-performance materials, and innovative designs tailored for challenging and space-constrained environments.

Where to Find DM3BT-DSF-PEJS by Hirose Electric Co Ltd

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