EN63A0QI by Intel Corporation

Overview of EN63A0QI by Intel Corporation

The EN63A0QI is a voltage-mode switching regulator capable of outputting up to 12A with a switching frequency of up to 1.5MHz. It operates over an adjustable output voltage range from 0.6V to 5.5V, making it a versatile component for various power conversion applications. Housed in a 10 x 11 mm, QFN-77 package with a height of just 3 mm, this ROHS-compliant device integrates multiple functionalities in a compact footprint. With input voltage specifications ranging from 2.5V to 6.6V, the EN63A0QI caters to a wide range of supply sources, enhancing its suitability for diverse electronic applications.

Notably, the EN63A0QI utilizes Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) for its control technique and operates under voltage-mode control. This regulator is designed for industrial operating temperature ranges, from -40 °C to 85 °C, ensuring reliable performance across various environmental conditions. Other significant characteristics include a maximum output current of 12A, a switching frequency of up to 1500 kHz, and a moisture sensitivity level of 3. This product’s lifecycle is currently marked as obsolete, indicating that it may be transitioning out of standard production lines but might still be available from various distributors or for specific applications that require such technology.

Industry Applications for EN63A0QI

The versatility and range of features in the EN63A0QI allow it to serve in multiple sectors that require reliable power conversion and management solutions. Applications of this switching regulator are not limited to but might include:

  • Energy and Power Systems: The EN63A0QI could be employed in power distribution modules within industrial or residential energy systems, offering efficient DC-DC conversion capabilities which can contribute to optimizing power usage and potentially lowering overall energy costs. Its high switching frequency makes it suitable for compact power applications where space is at a premium. Due to its adjustable output voltage range, it might also find applications in power conditioning equipment.
  • Transportation and Logistics: Within the transportation sector, the EN63A0QI might serve in power supply solutions for logistic tracking devices, particularly those requiring efficient, compact power management systems. The robust operating temperature range ensures reliability in various environmental conditions encountered in this sector.
  • Renewable Energy: In renewable energy applications, such as solar-powered systems or wind turbines, the EN63A0QI could be used in the power regulation of the operational control circuitry. Its efficiency and high current capability are benefits for systems where power density and reliability are critical.

It’s important to note that these potential applications are conceptual and should be explored further by engineering and design teams to determine the suitability of the EN63A0QI for specific projects or products. The characteristics of this switching regulator, such as its switching frequency, operating temperature range, and adjustable voltage output, make it a candidate for consideration in a variety of power management and conversion scenarios.

About Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation is globally recognized for its contributions to computing technology, primarily through its microprocessors and chipsets. However, Intel’s expertise and product offerings extend well into the realm of Switching Regulator or Controllers within Power Circuits. Intel designs and manufactures a range of components that address the needs for efficient power management across various applications, from computing infrastructure to industrial systems and beyond.

The EN63A0QI is a testament to Intel’s capabilities in developing power solutions that balance efficiency, power handling, and compact design. Despite being marked as obsolete, products like the EN63A0QI illustrate Intel’s adeptness in creating solutions that meet demanding power conversion requirements. Intel’s portfolio in power circuits likely encompasses similar parts that build on the foundation laid by components like the EN63A0QI, pushing forward the boundaries of what’s possible in power management technology.

Where to Find EN63A0QI by Intel Corporation

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