Overview of FBMH4532HM132-T by TAIYO YUDEN

The FBMH4532HM132-T by TAIYO YUDEN is a high-performance ferrite bead designed for effective noise suppression in high-frequency applications. This component is part of the FB series, featuring a ferrite case style of 1812 [4532 Metric], and is designed to handle a DC current rating of 3A. It boasts an impedance of 1.3KΩ with a maximum DC resistance of 0.06Ω. The impedance tolerance is specified at ±25%, which makes it suitable for applications requiring precise impedance control for optimal performance. Its package size follows the EIA standard 1812 form factor, which, combined with its surface mount design, facilitates easy integration into a wide variety of electronic circuits.

Regarding its physical dimensions, the FBMH4532HM132-T measures 4.5mm in length, 3.2mm in width, and has a height of 3.2mm. It supports a broad operating temperature range from -40°C to 85°C, making it versatile for use in environments experiencing varying thermal conditions. The component is ROHS compliant, ensuring that it meets current environmental standards which mandate the restriction of hazardous substances in electronic equipment.

Industry Applications for FBMH4532HM132-T

The FBMH4532HM132-T’s technical specifications make it an excellent choice for various industry applications where noise suppression is critical. Here are potential uses across industries:

  • Internet of Things (IoT): In IoT devices, maintaining signal integrity is crucial for reliable communication. The FBMH4532HM132-T could be used in smart home devices, wearables, or industrial IoT sensors to filter out high-frequency noise, ensuring accurate data transmission and reception.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Devices used in environmental monitoring systems, such as air quality monitors and weather stations, often operate in noisy electrical environments. This ferrite bead can help minimize interference, improving the reliability and accuracy of measurements.
  • Financial Technology (Fintech): In fintech applications, including point-of-sale systems and ATMs, protecting against electronic noise is essential for secure and error-free transactions. Incorporating the FBMH4532HM132-T into these systems can enhance performance and security.

Note that these potential applications are conceptual and require analysis and verification by engineering and design teams. This overview is intended to illustrate possible use cases and does not guarantee suitability without thorough testing for the specific application.


TAIYO YUDEN, established in 1950 in Tokyo, Japan, has grown to become a key player in the electronic components industry, particularly in the development and manufacturing of Data Line Filters and other types of filter technology. TAIYO YUDEN is recognized for its dedication to quality, innovation, and its broad product range designed to meet the diverse needs of the electronics industry. The company’s product lineup includes not only ferrite beads like the FBMH4532HM132-T but also capacitors, inductors, and Bluetooth modules, among other components. TAIYO YUDEN’s filters are designed to provide effective electromagnetic interference (EMI) suppression and are utilized in a multitude of applications ranging from consumer electronics to industrial and medical devices.

Where to Find FBMH4532HM132-T by TAIYO YUDEN

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