FMMT619TA by Diodes Incorporated

Overview of FMMT619TA by Diodes Incorporated

The FMMT619TA by Diodes Incorporated is a NPN small signal bipolar transistor designed for high-performance applications. It features a collector current (I(C)) of 2A and a collector-emitter voltage (V(BR)CEO) of 50V. This component is crafted from silicon, offering high reliability and performance. The part is encapsulated in a GREEN, PLASTIC PACKAGE-3, specifically, the SOT-23 (Type DN) package, which includes 3 gull-wing terminals and supports surface-mount technology. It is designed for tape and reel packaging, facilitating automated assembly processes and mass production.

Among the notable attributes of FMMT619TA are its high DC current gain (hFE) minimum of 100, a power dissipation maximum (Abs) of 0.625W, and a transition frequency (fT) nominally set at 165MHz. This transistor is suitable for switching applications, underscoring its potential for a broad range of electronic devices. Furthermore, it is characterized by its compliance with RoHS, a Pb-free constitution, and a Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) of 1, marking it as highly suitable for environmentally sensitive applications. Its operational temperature can reach up to 150°C, allowing it to perform reliably even under thermal stress. The FMMT619TA is currently maintained as an active part, signifying ongoing production and availability.

Industry Applications for FMMT619TA

The FMMT619TA transistor’s unique properties render it an ideal candidate for diverse applications across various industries. Although noted for possible use in consumer electronics and audio-video systems, its specifications suggest a wider applicability. Here are several possible industry applications:

  • Consumer Electronics: Its small size and high reliability make it perfect for portable and wearable devices, including smartphones, tablets, portable music players, and digital cameras. The high switching speed could be beneficial in power management circuits within these devices.
  • Audio and Video Systems: The FMMT619TA’s high current and voltage ratings, coupled with its switching capabilities, make it a candidate for audio amplifiers, digital audio converters, and video processors where precise control of the signal is critical.
  • Smart Home Appliances: In automation and control systems within smart home technology, such as smart lighting systems or automated blinds, this transistor could serve as a switch or amplifier, enabling efficient power management and signal processing.
  • Industrial Controls: the transistor’s properties suggest it could find utility in industrial control panels, particularly in power regulation modules, sensor interfaces, or actuator drivers where its high reliability and resistance to thermal stress are advantageous.

Note that these potential applications are conceptual and require thorough analysis and verification by engineering and design teams to ensure compatibility and performance within specific contexts.

About Diodes Incorporated

Diodes Incorporated is a leading manufacturer in the semiconductor market, known for its broad range of components, including Small Signal Bipolar Transistors and other transistor types. The company emphasizes innovation and quality in its products, catering to a wide array of industry needs. Their portfolio includes a variety of transistors designed for efficiency, reliability, and performance across applications.

The FMMT619TA is a testament to Diodes Incorporated’s commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable components. They manufacture similar parts that cater to specific needs, showcasing their expertise and leadership in the semiconductor sector. By continuously advancing their technology and maintaining rigorous quality standards, Diodes Incorporated ensures that their components are at the forefront of the industry, addressing both current and emerging electronic design challenges.

Where to Find FMMT619TA by Diodes Incorporated

To find the FMMT619TA for your application, it’s recommended to begin your search at Not only can you locate where to purchase this specific part, but you can also compare it against other Small Signal Bipolar Transistors. This comparison may help you find alternate parts from Diodes Incorporated or other manufacturers that might fit your application better.

Historically, the FMMT619TA has been available from various distributors, including Win Source Electronics, Sense Electronic Company Limited, New Advantage Corporation, and LCSC, amongst others. However, availability can fluctuate, and to get the most current stock levels and pricing, checking directly on is advisable.

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