GB01SLT12-214 by GeneSic Semiconductor Inc

Overview of GB01SLT12-214 by GeneSic Semiconductor Inc.

The GB01SLT12-214 Silicon Carbide (SiC) Merged PiN Schottky (MPS) Diode epitomizes advanced semiconductor technology, engineered to deliver superior switching performance and higher reliability compared to traditional silicon-based diodes. Manufactured by GeneSic Semiconductor Inc., this component is designed for high-efficiency applications, offering a 1200V repetitive reverse voltage and a 1A forward current, encapsulated in a DO-214 package. The MPS diode combines the best attributes of Schottky and PiN diodes, resulting in a product that significantly reduces switching losses while maintaining high thermal resilience.

This device provides a low forward voltage of 1.5 V at 1 A, minimizing power dissipation during operation, which is critical in applications where efficiency is paramount. Its reverse current is notably low at 0.1 µA at 1200 V, contributing to its exceptional performance in high-voltage applications. Additionally, the GB01SLT12-214 demonstrates a rapid reverse recovery time of less than 10 ns and a forward surge current of 10 A, underlining its capability to handle significant power and speed. With its operating temperature range spanning from -55 °C to a maximum of 175 °C, this diode is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Industry Applications for GB01SLT12-214

The GB01SLT12-214 finds utility across a broad spectrum of industries due to its advanced technology and reliability. Key applications might include:

  • Internet of Things (IoT): This diode can be integral in IoT devices, particularly in power management modules that require efficient, high-frequency switching.
  • Smart Cities & Transportation: In smart city infrastructure and transportation systems, the GB01SLT12-214 could potentially be used in energy storage systems and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to enhance power efficiency and reliability.
  • Telecommunications: Telecommunication equipment, which demands reliable performance in various operating conditions, might utilize these diodes in power supply units.
  • Computing and Data Storage: Data centers that necessitate high power density with efficient cooling could benefit from this part’s high thermal tolerance and low power dissipation.

Please note, the potential applications mentioned above are conceptual/illustrative and require thorough analysis and verification by engineering and design teams to ensure compatibility and functional integrity within specific systems.

About GeneSic Semiconductor Inc.

GeneSic Semiconductor Inc. is at the forefront of Silicon Carbide technology, specializing in the development of advanced power devices that elevate system performance and energy efficiency. Their suite of products outpaces traditional silicon diodes and transistors across several parameters, including thermal performance, switching speeds, and power density. Notably within the realm of Rectifier Diodes, GeneSic has established itself through innovation and the consistent introduction of parts like the GB01SLT12-214 that push the boundaries of semiconductor capabilities. Beyond rectifier diodes, GeneSic also manufactures a comprehensive array of diode types and semiconductor solutions catering to demanding applications across industrial, energy, and transportation sectors.

Where to Find GB01SLT12-214 by GeneSic Semiconductor Inc.

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