GRM033R60J105MEA2D by Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd

Overview of GRM033R60J105MEA2D by Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd

The GRM033R60J105MEA2D is a multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) offered by Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd, distinguished by its small size, 0201 package (0603 Metric), which encapsulates a 1µF capacitance with a ±20% tolerance. Designed for surface mount technology (SMT), it operates within a voltage rating of 6.3V. The dielectric characteristic of this capacitor is X5R, which signifies a temperature stability of ±15% over a wide temperature range from -55°C to +85°C. This product falls under the RoHS compliance, ensuring that it is manufactured with no harmful substances.

An essential aspect of this component is its ability to work within a broad temperature range, making it suitable for various applications that require reliable performance under extreme conditions. Additionally, the capacitor is characterized by its construction type—classified as “Multilayer” and described by its multilayer ceramic fabric. Other notable specifications include the terminal finish of Matte Tin (Sn) – with Nickel (Ni) barrier, which aids in solderability and long-term reliability. The component’s package shape is rectangular, signaling a streamlined design for efficient packing on printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Industry Applications for GRM033R60J105MEA2D

The GRM033R60J105MEA2D capacitor, with its compact size and robust temperature characteristics, can serve a multitude of sectors. Some potential applications, necessitating thorough verification by engineering and design teams, may include:

  • Consumer Electronics: Devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other portable electronics often demand high-capacity and compact capacitors for power management and decoupling applications. The small footprint and high capacitance value of the GRM033R60J105MEA2D make it an excellent choice for these products.
  • Automotive: Modern vehicles utilize increasingly sophisticated electronic systems for control, navigation, and safety. The capability of the GRM033R60J105MEA2D to operate reliably across a wide temperature range could potentially make it suitable for use in these demanding environments.
  • Industrial: Equipment in industrial settings often requires components that can endure harsh conditions, including wide temperature variations. This capacitor’s specifications suggest it could be effectively used in such applications.
  • Education and Research: Experimentation setups and research projects may benefit from using this component due to its adaptability and performance in various conditions, facilitating a broad range of experimental designs and prototypes.

It’s pertinent for potential applications to be analyzed and verified by appropriate engineering and design teams to ensure the capacitor meets system requirements.

About Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd.

Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd is a global leader in the design and manufacture of electronic components, specifically known for its innovations in Ceramic Capacitors. Alongside the GRM033R60J105MEA2D, Murata produces a wide range of similar components catering to various needs within electronics. These components are celebrated for their reliability, precision, and innovation, embodying Murata’s commitment to quality and technological advancement.

Murata’s offerings in the realm of capacitors, especially Ceramic Capacitors, showcase the company’s dedication to providing solutions that meet the rigorous demands of contemporary electronic devices and systems. Their products are integral in pushing forward the capabilities of consumer electronics, automotive systems, energy management solutions, and much more.

Where to Find GRM033R60J105MEA2D by Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd

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