GRM31CR61E226KE15L by Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd

Overview of GRM31CR61E226KE15L by Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd.

The GRM31CR61E226KE15L is a multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) designed for surface mounting on printed circuit boards (PCBs). This capacitor offers a capacitance of 22μF with a voltage rating of 25V and is characterized by its X5R dielectric material. The X5R dielectric provides a stable capacitance across a temperature range of -55°C to +85°C with a ±10% capacitance tolerance. This particular model comes in a 1206 package size, which is equivalent to 3216 metric, making it suitable for compact electronics where space is a premium. Its compliance with RoHS standards ensures that it is manufactured without harmful substances, aligning with global environmental regulations.

Key features of this part include its ceramic composition, which contributes to its reliability and longevity in a variety of applications. With dimensions of 3.2mm in length and 1.6mm in width and height, it also supports surface mount technology, facilitating efficient PCB assembly processes. Furthermore, its compliance with the JESD-609 Code e3 indicates an environmentally friendly terminal finish of matte tin (Sn) with a nickel (Ni) barrier, which enhances solderability and resistivity against corrosion.

Industry Applications for GRM31CR61E226KE15L

The versatility and performance characteristics of the GRM31CR61E226KE15L make it suitable for a wide range of industry applications. While its exact use in these applications requires careful analysis and verification by engineering and design teams, here are several potential industries and use cases:

  • Automotive Electronics: The durability and temperature resistance of this component could potentially serve in automotive applications, such as powertrain control modules, infotainment systems, and sensors. Its reliability under varying environmental conditions aligns with the rigorous demands of automotive applications.
  • Consumer Electronics: Devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearable technology that require compact, high-capacity capacitors to manage power efficiently might benefit from this capacitor. Its small form factor and capability to operate across a broad temperature range make it ideal for portable consumer electronics.
  • Industrial Controls: In an industrial setting, this capacitor could be utilized in control circuits, power supply modules, and automation systems. The need for components that can withstand harsh conditions and provide stable performance under fluctuating temperatures makes the GRM31CR61E226KE15L a potential candidate.
  • Education and Research: In educational labs and research facilities, these capacintive and the recognition of Murata as a forefront manufacturer in the field.

Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd. has a long history of producing high-quality electrical components that cater to a multitude of industries, from automotive to consumer electronics, healthcare, and beyond. The company is known for its relentless pursuit of innovation, with a significant presence in the development and manufacture of ceramic capacitors. The GRM31CR61E226KE15L is just one example of Murata’s commitment to excellence in the field of electronic components. Murata’s MLCCs are celebrated for their reliability, performance, and adaptability to various applications, making them a go-to choice for engineers and procurement specialists around the globe.

Where to Find GRM31CR61E226KE15L by Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd

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