HSMH-C150 by Broadcom Limited

Overview of HSMH-C150 by Broadcom Limited

The HSMH-C150 from Broadcom Limited is a single color, red LED with an untinted diffused lens, geared towards delivering efficient and reliable lighting solutions. This surface-mount device (SMD) boasts dimensions of 3.20 x 1.60 mm within a lead-free, plastic package. The LED is designed for a forward current of 20mA and a forward voltage of 1.8V, illuminating at a wavelength of 626nm. Its luminous intensity is rated at 17mcd, paired with an expansive viewing angle of 170°. Compliance with RoHS standards assures users of its safety and environmental friendliness. Properties such as a peak wavelength of 660 nm, a maximum forward current of 30mA, and an operating temperature range from -40 °C to 85 °C underscore its versatility and robustness for various applications.

Industry Applications for HSMH-C150

The HSMH-C150’s characteristics make it suitable for an array of applications across diverse industries. Below are several potential use cases:

  • Consumer Electronics: Due to its small size and high performance, the HSMH-C150 may be integrated into a variety of personal devices like smartphones, tablets, and wearable technology for indicator lights or backlighting.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Its efficiency and compact footprint make it ideal for IoT devices, where space and power consumption are pivotal concerns. This includes smart home devices, environmental sensors, and low-power communication devices.
  • Medical Imaging and Healthcare: The precision and reliability of the HSMH-C150 could benefit diagnostic equipment and wearable health monitors, ensuring accurate readings and patient safety.
  • Aerospace and Defense: Given its robust performance under a range of temperatures and compliance with RoHS and REACH, the HSMH-C150 is applicable in safety-critical systems, including cockpit instruments, navigation, and communication equipment.

These use cases underscore the LED’s flexibility, aided by characteristics like its surface mount capability, wide viewing angle, and support for a considerable temperature range.

About Broadcom Limited

Broadcom Limited, known after its merger as Broadcom Inc., is a global leader in semiconductor solutions, specializing in a broad spectrum of Visible LEDs and other optoelectronic devices. The company’s commitment to high-quality manufacturing and innovation is evident in products like the HSMH-C150. Broadcom’s portfolio extends beyond LEDs to include products for wireless communication, broadband, and storage, which are integral to applications in telecommunications, computing, and networking. By offering LEDs that combine performance with reliability, Broadcom addresses the needs of an ever-broadening array of markets and applications.

Where to Find HSMH-C150 by Broadcom Limited

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