HX1188NL by Pulse Electronics Corporation

Overview of HX1188NL by Pulse Electronics Corporation

The HX1188NL is a high-precision, surface-mount Datacom Transformer manufactured by Pulse Electronics Corporation. It falls within the category of Pulse/Datacom Transformers, designed specifically for general-purpose applications that require data signal conditioning, isolation, or impedance matching in a circuit. This Datacom Transformer boasts an impressive isolation voltage of 1650 V, operates within a temperature range of -40 °C to 85 °C, and features a primary inductance of 350 µH. Its dimensions (12.7 mm length, 7.11 mm width, and 5.97 mm height) are optimized for space-constrained applications. The component is also notably compliant with RoHS and REACH, showcasing Pulse Electronics Corporation’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Given its active part life cycle status and a factory lead time of 7 weeks (as of the current writing), the HX1188NL proves itself as a reliable choice for design engineers.

Industry Applications for HX1188NL

The HX1188NL may be suitable for a wide range of industry applications, including but not limited to:

  • Telecommunications: Its high isolation voltage and surface mount design make it ideal for network equipment like routers, switches, and modems, where signal integrity and isolation are crucial.
  • Industrial Automation: In industrial environments where electrical interference is common, the HX1188NL can provide the necessary isolation to protect sensitive control equipment and enhance reliable communications.
  • Medical Equipment: The transformer’s compliance with RoHS and REACH standards, along with its general-purpose applicability, may render it ideal for use in medical devices requiring data communication capabilities with high electrical isolation.
  • Space Technology and Aerospace & Defense: Its operating temperature range and high isolation voltage accommodate the rigorous demands of aerospace, defense, and space technologies, ensuring performance under extreme conditions.

These application use cases highlight the flexibility and adaptability of the HX1188NL in addressing a broad set of requirements across multiple industries.

About Pulse Electronics Corporation

Pulse Electronics Corporation stands out as a leading manufacturer of electronic components, particularly recognized for its extensive portfolio of transformers. In the realm of Pulse/Datacom Transformers, Pulse Electronics Corporation has developed a strong reputation for producing components that meet the stringent requirements of data and signal processing in numerous applications. The HX1188NL, along with similar parts produced by the company, exemplifies their focus on quality, reliability, and performance. With a commitment to innovation and compliance with international standards, Pulse Electronics Corporation ensures that their products, including the HX1188NL, are at the forefront of the industry, catering to a wide array of technical demands.

Where to Find HX1188NL by Pulse Electronics Corporation

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