L7805CV by STMicroelectronics

Overview of L7805CV by STMicroelectronics

The L7805CV by STMicroelectronics is a fixed positive single output standard regulator, designed to offer a stable 5V output from a range of input voltages (7V to 25V). This three-pin device, enclosed in a TO-220 package, provides remarkable accuracy and stability, ensuring a maximum output voltage tolerance of 5%. Its robust design offers an output current of up to 1.5A, making it an ideal solution for a wide array of applications requiring a reliable 5V power supply.

Introduced to the market on January 4, 1980, the L7805CV has stood the test of time, supported by STMicroelectronics’ continuous commitment to quality and performance. With a maximum dropout voltage of 2V, it optimizes efficiency in systems where the input voltage is moderately higher than the output. The product is compliant with the RoHS directive, asserting its safety in electrical and electronic equipment. However, it’s noteworthy to mention that as of the current writing, it is not Reach compliant, and has a factory lead time of 54 weeks, reflecting possible delays in supply.

Industry Applications for L7805CV

The versatility and reliability of the L7805CV make it suitable for a variety of industry applications. Key industries benefiting from this component include:

  • Consumer Electronics: Used in gaming consoles, home entertainment systems, and other personal electronic gadgets requiring a stable 5V power source.
  • Telecommunications: Crucial for routers, switches, and other communication equipment to ensure uninterrupted network services.
  • Automation and Control Systems: Provides power stability for sensors, control units, and automation machinery in industrial setups.
  • Automotive: Supports automotive electronics such as audio systems, GPS, and lighting controls that require consistent power supply.

Its stringent output voltage tolerance and robustness in operating temperatures ranging from 0°C to 125°C underscore its applicability in environments requiring high reliability. The L7805CV’s technology hinges on bipolar junction transistors, ensuring high efficiency and reliability over a broad spectrum of operational conditions.

About STMicroelectronics.

STMicroelectronics, the manufacturer of L7805CV, is a global leader in the semiconductor market, specializing in the development of integrated devices and dedicated circuits across a wide range of applications. The company is renowned for its pioneering role in the linear regulator ICs segment and power circuits, contributing significantly to advancements in power management technology. STMicroelectronics’ dedication to innovation, quality, and sustainability is evident in their comprehensive portfolio of products, including alternatives and complements to the L7805CV such as adjustable voltage regulators and low-dropout (LDO) regulators, servicing a myriad of industry needs.

Where to Find L7805CV by STMicroelectronics

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