LQH43MN101K03L by Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd

Overview of LQH43MN101K03L by Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd.

The LQH43MN101K03L, developed by Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd., is a general-purpose inductor that features a nominal inductance of 100 µH with a tolerance of 10%. This passive electronic component is characterized by its ferrite core, unshielded construction, and is designed in a 1812 chip size for surface mount technology (SMT) applications. With a DC resistance of 2.5 Ω, it can manage a rated current of up to 0.16 A. Its operating temperature ranges from -40 °C to 85 °C, making it versatile for diverse environmental conditions. One of the notable features of this inductor includes its ability to measure quality factor (Q) at 796 kHz, with a minimum quality factor of 40. This component is lead-free (Pb-free) and complies with RoHS and REACH standards, ensuring its suitability for use in a variety of markets demanding environmentally friendly components.

Industry Applications for LQH43MN101K03L

The LQH43MN101K03L has potential applications across various industries due to its general-purpose nature and specification range. Here are some key applications:

  • Environmental Monitoring: Given its robust operating temperature range and compliance with international environmental standards, this inductor may be suitable for use in devices that monitor environmental conditions, like air quality sensors.
  • Industrial Automation: Its high inductance value and quality factor make it potentially suitable for power supply circuits in industrial automation equipment, promoting efficient energy use and minimizing electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  • Telecommunications: Its RF inductor application and ability to operate at frequencies up to 6.8 MHz could make it suitable for filters or signal processing components within communication devices.
  • Consumer Electronics: Given its SMT package and general-purpose utilization, it may also find applications in consumer electronics, such as power management systems in portable devices, where compact size and efficiency are critical.

About Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd.

Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd. is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of advanced electronic materials, leading-edge electronic components, and multi-functional, high-density modules. The company’s product range includes a variety of inductors, among which the LQH43MN101K03L and similar parts stand out for their reliability and performance. Murata inductors are renowned for their high quality, efficiency, and the ability to meet the demands of high-performance applications. The company focuses on developing products that contribute to the advancement of society by enhancing the functionality and performance of electronic devices.

Where to Find LQH43MN101K03L by Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd

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