MX25L12833FM2I-10G by Macronix International Co Ltd

Overview of MX25L12833FM2I-10G by Macronix International Co Ltd.

The MX25L12833FM2I-10G is a high-performance Flash memory device, offering a memory size of 128Mbit with a configuration of 16M x 8bit, making it an ideal solution for storing large amounts of data. This memory component operates over an industrial temperature range of -40 to 85°C, ensuring reliability and stability across various environments. The Flash memory type is Serial Nor, with an interface type of SPI, which simplifies integration into a wide range of electronic systems. Housed in an SOP (Small Outline Package) with 8 terminals, the device supports a maximum clock frequency of 133MHz, facilitating fast data transfer rates. As a component categorized under Flash Memories, its technical specifications and performance characteristics make it suitable for a variety of applications requiring high-speed, efficient data storage and retrieval. Moreover, the MX25L12833FM2I-10G is RoHS compliant, ensuring it meets global regulatory standards for environmental safety.

Industry Applications for MX25L12833FM2I-10G

MX25L12833FM2I-10G is versatile in its applications, potentially serving widely across various tech sectors. Here, we conceptualize its usage in several industries, keeping in mind that these applications are illustrative and should be validated by engineering and design teams:

  • Internet of Things (IoT): This Flash memory can be used in IoT devices requiring significant data storage, such as smart home devices, wearables, or industrial IoT sensors. Its high endurance and wide temperature range make it suitable for devices in challenging environments.
  • Telecommunications: In the telecommunications sector, the MX25L12833FM2I-10G could potentially be used in equipment like routers, switches, and base stations that require fast and reliable memory for firmware storage.
  • Consumer Electronics: From digital cameras to gaming consoles and smart TVs, this memory device can provide the necessary storage for firmware and user settings, enhancing the performance and user experience of these products.
  • Computing and Data Storage: Its fast data transfer rates and reliability make it an excellent option for SSDs, servers, and other computing applications where quick access to data is crucial.

Note that these potential applications are only conceptual and require appropriate analysis and verification by professional teams in the respective fields.

About Macronix International Co Ltd.

Macronix International Co Ltd. is a leading provider of integrated semiconductor solutions, specializing in non-volatile memory components, including a wide range of Flash Memories. Known for their innovation in the memory sector, Macronix designs, manufactures, and markets high-quality memory products for a diverse set of applications. The MX25L12833FM2I-10G is part of their extensive portfolio, which boasts memory solutions that are recognized for their performance, reliability, and efficiency. Macronix is committed to delivering advanced technologies that cater to the evolving demands of the electronics market, making them a trusted partner for memory solutions worldwide.

Where to Find MX25L12833FM2I-10G by Macronix International Co Ltd

The MX25L12833FM2I-10g and other Flash Memories can be sourced from various distributors. Historical data suggests that distributors such as Win Source Electronics, Future Electronics, Avnet Americas, DigiKey, and Newark have carried this part. However, for the most current stock levels, pricing, and potential alternative sources, visiting is recommended. provides a comprehensive view of available inventory from distributors worldwide, ensuring that procurement professionals and engineers can find the best options for their needs.

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