NFM41PC155B1E3L by Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd

Overview of NFM41PC155B1E3L by Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd.

The NFM41PC155B1E3L, manufactured by Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd, is a feed-through capacitor designed for suppression applications. This component boasts a single function, with a rated voltage of 25V and a capability to handle currents up to 6A. It conforms to the EIA standard package size 1806 and comes with three pins. As a suppression filter, this component excels in its class with a substantial capacitance of 1.5μF. The part is suitable for surface mount technology (SMT), ensuring easiness in assembly and integration into various electronic systems. It measures 4.5mm in length, 1.6mm in width, and has a minimal height of 1mm, making it a compact yet powerful solution for filtering needs.

Beside its physical and electrical characteristics, the NFM41PC155B1E3L is lead-free (Pb-free) and complies with RoHS, indicating adherence to environmental standards. It has a part life cycle status of active, ensuring its availability and support for current and future projects. The part also meets the REACH compliance code and carries an ECCN code of EAR99 along with an HTS code of 8504.50.80.00, aligning it with global trading requirements. Factory lead time for this component is noted as 10 weeks, which is helpful for planning procurement schedules. Furthermore, this part’s insulation resistance minimum is 300 MΩ, and it is categorized under the Data Line Filters subcategory in Filters, pointing to its effectiveness in protecting circuits from unwanted noise and interference across data lines.

Industry Applications for NFM41PC155B1E3L

The NFM41PC155B1E3L has potential applications across a wide range of industries thanks to its effective suppression capabilities and compact size. It is important to note that these potential applications are conceptual and require thorough analysis and verification by engineering and design teams for compatibility and performance. Some of the possible use cases include:

  • Consumer Electronics: This component can be integrated into various consumer electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, where it might help in reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI), enhancing the performance and reliability of these devices.
  • Industrial Automation: In industrial settings, the NFM41PC155B1E3L could be utilized within control systems and automation equipment. Its ability to filter out noise and surges potentially improves the operational stability and longevity of industrial machinery and systems.
  • Audio and Video Systems: High-quality audio and video equipment might benefit from the inclusion of this component, where it can contribute to clearer signals by mitigating interference, thus improving the overall user experience.
  • Energy and Power Systems: Applications within power supply units, renewable energy inverters, and other energy-related equipment might use this part for its noise suppression qualities, potentially contributing to more stable and efficient power generation and distribution processes.

These examples, among others in entertainment and gaming or renewable energy, illustrate the versatile nature of the NFM41PC155B1E3L. The specific product properties such as high current handling, voltage rating, and compact size make it an attractive choice for a variety of electronic applications.

About Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd.

Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of advanced electronic components, including an extensive range of Data Line Filters and other filter categories. Renowned for their innovation and quality, Murata’s products are integral to electronic devices in various industries. The NFM41PC155B1E3L is a testament to Murata’s commitment to providing sophisticated solutions that meet the evolving needs of the electronics market. In addition to this particular part, Murata manufactures a wide array of similar components, each designed to address specific filtering challenges in electronic circuits. This breadth of offerings ensures that engineers and designers can find the right Murata product to fit their specific application requirements.

Where to Find NFM41PC155B1E3L by Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd

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