OPB608B by TT Electronics OPTEK Technology

Overview of OPB608B by TT Electronics OPTEK Technology

The OPB608B, manufactured by TT Electronics OPTEK Technology, is a Diffuse Photoelectric Sensor designed for a variety of applications requiring a compact, reliable sensor with a wide sensing range and modest power requirements. This sensor features a phototransistor output, through hole mounting, and the capability to sense objects within a range of 1.27mm to 9.525mm. It operates with a forward current (If) of 50mA, a reverse voltage (Vr) of 2V, a collector-emitter voltage (V(Br)Ceo) of 30V, and a forward voltage of 1.7V. The input current specifications are set at 20mA, making it extremely efficient for various applications.

In addition to its technical specifications, the OPB608B is designed with environmental considerations in mind—boasting RoHS compliance and a lead (Pb)-free code, ensuring adherence to global standards for environmental safety and materials use. Its plastic housing is designed for durability and long-term reliability, with dimensions that optimize it for through-hole mount applications.

Industry Applications for OPB608B

The unique properties of the OPB608B make it suitable for a broad spectrum of possible applications. These potential applications are conceptual and illustrative, and such uses would require thorough analysis and verification by engineering and design teams. Some of the key industries and potential use cases include:

  • Industrial Automation: With its precise sensing range and reliability, the OPB608B could potentially be used for object detection, position sensing, and end-of-line inspection systems in automated manufacturing environments. Elements such as its analog current output and ability to operate in a wide temperature range (-40°C to 85°C) underline its applicability in these settings.
  • Consumer Electronics: In devices requiring non-contact detection of user input or presence, such as smart home devices or interactive displays, the OPB608B’s ability to detect objects within a precise range makes it a suitable candidate.
  • Medical Devices: Although not specified for medical applications directly, its compact size and precision might make the OPB608B suitable for non-invasive sensing applications or laboratory automation, pending appropriate certifications and validations.
  • Office Automation: Equipment such as printers and copiers could benefit from the OPB608B’s sensing capabilities for paper detection, ensuring proper paper handling and preventing jams.

Note: These applications are hypothetical examples and would need to be fully evaluated by the respective engineering and design teams of the products or systems being developed.

About TT Electronics OPTEK Technology

TT Electronics OPTEK Technology is a prominent manufacturer in the field of electronic components, specializing in a wide range of sensors and transducers, including those classified under the subcategory of Linear Position Sensors. OPTEK Technology is recognized for its innovation in sensor technology, providing solutions that offer reliability, precision, and durability. The OPB608B is just one example of OPTEK’s extensive line of photoelectric sensors that cater to a diverse array of industrial, consumer, and specialized applications. TT Electronics’ commitment to quality and performance, combined with its focus on environmental compliance and innovation, positions it as a valuable partner for engineers and designers seeking advanced sensor technologies.

Where to Find OPB608B by TT Electronics OPTEK Technology

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