PGB1010402KR by Littelfuse Inc

Overview of PGB1010402KR by Littelfuse Inc.

The PGB1010402KR by Littelfuse Inc. is a transient voltage suppressor diode that presents a bidirectional clamping characteristic designed for protecting electronic circuits from electrostatic discharges (ESD). This component is fabricated using silicon technology, adheres to RoHS compliance standards, and is housed in a 0402 plastic package with two pins. One of the key attributes of this device is its low capacitance, which makes it highly suitable for protecting high-speed data lines without significantly disturbing the signal integrity. This specific model has an operating voltage of 12VDC, with a maximum clamping voltage of 250V. While the product range is specified as the Pulse-Guard Pgb1 Series, it does not meet any automotive qualification standards, making it more suited for general industry applications.

Industry Applications for PGB1010402KR

The PGB1010402KR finds its applications in various industries due to its capacity to protect sensitive electronics from sudden voltage spikes. Below are some potential use cases:

  • Consumer Electronics: This diode could potentially safeguard smartphones, tablets, PCs, and other portable devices against ESD damage. Its ultra-low capacitance is crucial for maintaining the integrity of high-speed signal lines in these applications.
  • Industrial Automation: In industrial environments, where machinery and control systems are at risk of ESD, the PGB1010402KR might offer protection to control panels, sensors, and other critical components within automation equipment.
  • Energy and Power Systems: Power management systems, including inverters and converters that are susceptible to transient voltages, could benefit from this device’s protective capabilities, ensuring stability and reliability in power distribution.
  • Renewable Energy: Within solar panels and wind turbines, which are often exposed to the elements and therefore more susceptible to electrostatic discharges, this device could offer an additional layer of protection for the sensitive electronic control systems.

It’s important to note that these potential applications are conceptual and should be thoroughly evaluated by engineering and design teams to ensure compatibility and effectiveness in the specific end-use scenario.

About Littelfuse Inc.

Littelfuse Inc. is a leading manufacturer of circuit protection devices, with a distinguished reputation in the production of Transient Suppressors. Their extensive portfolio includes a broad range of diodes designed to provide reliable protection for electronic circuits against voltage transients. The PGB1010402KR is part of this extensive lineup, which encompasses devices with various clamping voltages, package sizes, and protection capabilities to meet diverse application requirements. Littelfuse’s commitment to quality and innovation ensures that their products, including the PGB1010402KR, are at the forefront of circuit protection technology, making them a trusted partner for engineers and designers across multiple industries.

Where to Find PGB1010402KR by Littelfuse Inc

To source the PGB1010402KR, provides a comprehensive tool for checking current inventory levels and pricing from multiple distributors. It is also an excellent resource for reviewing Transient Suppressors, allowing you to find alternate parts that might be offered by Littelfuse Inc or other manufacturers. Historically, this part has been available at distributors including Win Source Electronics, Sense Electronic Company Limited, and LCSC. However, individuals looking to purchase this part should visit to get the most up-to-date information on availability and pricing from these and other distributors.

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