PMEG4030ER,115 by NXP Semiconductors

Overview of PMEG4030ER,115 by NXP Semiconductors

The PMEG4030ER,115 is a 3 A low Vf MEGA Schottky barrier rectifier featuring a compact SOD-123 2-Pin package. Manufactured by NXP Semiconductors, this component is designed to facilitate efficient power management within electronic circuits. Thanks to its Silicon diode element material and Schottky technology, it boasts a maximum forward voltage of 0.54 V, making it an excellent choice for applications requiring high efficiency and minimal power loss.

With a maximum operating temperature of 150 °C and a moisture sensitivity level of 1, PMEG4030ER,115 is suited for various demanding environments. This diode is highlighted by its plastic package, underlining its durability and reliability in long-term applications. The device’s ability to withstand peak reflow temperatures of up to 260 °C during circuit board soldering processes further signifies its robustness. Additionally, its compliance with AEC-Q101 standards assures quality and reliability for automotive applications.

Industry Applications for PMEG4030ER,115

Based on its technical attributes, the PMEG4030ER,115 by NXP Semiconductors could be suitable for a wide range of applications across various industries:

  • Space Technology and Aerospace & Defense: The device’s high reliability and adherence to AEC-Q101 standards make it potentially suitable for space technology applications and aerospace & defense projects, where components must endure extreme conditions and maintain performance integrity.
  • Energy and Power Systems: With its low forward voltage and efficient power management capabilities, this diode may be used in energy conversion systems, solar power applications, and other power system technologies that prioritize efficiency and minimal energy loss.
  • Automotive Industry: The durability, moisture resistance, and quality assurance of PMEG4030ER,115 make it a good candidate for use in automotive electronics, including power supply circuits, protection systems, and other in-vehicle energy management applications.
  • Consumer Electronics: This component could also find its way into the design of power management modules for portable devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, where efficient energy use is a key design consideration.

About NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors is a well-regarded player in the semiconductor industry, known for its broad range of products including microcontrollers, processors, and various types of diodes. In the realm of Diodes and specifically Rectifier Diodes, NXP Semiconductors stands out for producing parts like the PMEG4030ER,115, which are designed to offer enhanced efficiency, reliability, and performance. Their products often target high-demand applications in automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics markets. Known for innovation and quality, NXP’s components, including similar parts to PMEG4030ER,115, are widely relied upon by engineers and designers for critical and demanding applications.

Where to Find PMEG4030ER,115 by NXP Semiconductors

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