SN74LVC1G04DBVR by Texas Instruments

Overview of SN74LVC1G04DBVR by Texas Instruments

The SN74LVC1G04DBVR is a high-performance, single inverter circuit produced by Texas Instruments. Characterized by its versatility, this component operates over a broad supply voltage range of 1.65 V to 5.5 V, making it compatible with various applications across the technological spectrum. Manufactured in a compact SOT-23 package, this inverter integrates seamlessly into systems requiring minimal footprint and low power consumption.

With its introduction in 1999, this part has stood the test of time, offering features like a maximum operating temperature range of -40°C to 125°C, nominal supply voltage of 3.3V, and a propagation delay of 7.5 ns. Notably, this electronic component adheres to green and ROHS compliance standards, indicating its production with environmentally friendly materials and processes. The presence of a Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) of 1 further emphasizes its robustness for varied environmental conditions. As of the current writing, the SN74LVC1G04DBVR‘s active life cycle status affirms its ongoing production and availability in the market.

Industry Applications for SN74LVC1G04DBVR

The versatility and wide voltage range of the SN74LVC1G04DBVR make it suitable for a variety of applications across several industries. Its design caters to the demanding requirements of:

  • Energy and Power Systems: Its ability to operate in a wide range of environmental conditions and voltages makes it ideal for use in control circuits within renewable energy systems, such as solar panels and wind turbines.
  • Automotive: The wide operating temperature range and robustness lend themselves well to automotive applications, potentially serving in control units and as part of the electronic systems managing vehicle dynamics.

Beyond these identified sectors, the SN74LVC1G04DBVR could also find utility in consumer electronics, particularly in devices requiring low power consumption and compact size, such as wearable technology. Its features highlight its suitability for applications demanding high reliability and efficiency.

About Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments (TI) is a global semiconductor company that designs and manufactures semiconductors and various integrated circuits, which it supplies to electronics designers and manufacturers globally. Within the domain of logic gates and specifically Gates, Texas Instruments has established a reputation for innovation and reliability. The SN74LVC1G04DBVR, along with similar parts, exemplifies TI’s commitment to engineering precision and excellence in the field of Logic and Gates. TI’s portfolio extends beyond simple gates to encompass a wide array of complex integrated circuit solutions, serving both consumer electronics and industrial applications.

Where to Find SN74LVC1G04DBVR by Texas Instruments

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