STM32G030F6P6TR by STMicroelectronics

Overview of STM32G030F6P6TR by STMicroelectronics

The STM32G030F6P6TR by STMicroelectronics is a mainstream value-line microcontroller that leverages the power and efficiency of the ARM Cortex-M0+ core. With a 32-bit architecture, this MCU clocks up to 64 MHz and is equipped with 32 Kbytes of flash memory and 8 Kbytes of RAM. Designed for flexibility, it supports a wide voltage range from 2 to 3.6V, making it a versatile choice for various applications. The STM32G030F6P6TR integrates 2 USART interfaces, timers, an ADC, and various communication interfaces, catering to a broad spectrum of requirements.

With a package description of TSSOP-20, the STM32G030F6P6TR aligns with contemporary needs for compact yet powerful components. Its RoHS compliance and REACH conformity underline its suitability for global markets. Of notable mention, the microcontroller has been marked as ‘Active’ in its product lifecycle as of August 13, 2019, indicating ongoing manufacturer support and availability. This microcontroller is particularly appealing for applications requiring precise timing, advanced communication protocols, and efficient power management, thanks to its 6 timers, PWM channels, and low power mode capabilities. The part’s provision for a 48 MHz maximum clock frequency, DMA channels, and specificity for industrial operating temperatures (-40°C to 85°C) make it an industrious choice for challenging environments.

Industry Applications for STM32G030F6P6TR

The STM32G030F6P6TR is poised to serve a plethora of industry applications thanks to its robust feature set. Here are some potential uses across several sectors:

  • Security and Surveillance: In systems like access control and monitoring equipment, where efficient power management and reliable data processing are critical. The part’s integrated ADC and communication interfaces can facilitate interfacing with various sensors and actuators.
  • Audio and Video Systems: The STM32G030F6P6TR could potentially find application in audio processors, streaming devices, and video interfaces, where its high-speed serial interfaces and timing features enable synchronous audio/video data handling.
  • Transportation and Logistics: Ideal for tracking devices, electronic ticketing systems, and logistics automation, the MCU’s low power consumption and robust serial communication capabilities enable long-term, reliable operations in the field.
  • Renewable Energy: In solar inverters, battery management systems for energy storage, and other renewable energy applications, the MCU might be used for real-time monitoring and control, given its ADC features and extensive peripheral set catering to efficient power management.
  • RobotRead moreics and Drones: For control units in drones and robotics, where compact size, precise motor control, and low power operation are required. The STM32G030F6P6TR’s timers and PWM channels are beneficial for managing motor control algorithms.

Note that these potential applications are illustrative and require comprehensive analysis and verification by engineering teams to ensure the STM32G030F6P6TR meets the specific demands of the intended use.

About STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics is a global semiconductor leader delivering intelligent and energy-efficient products and solutions that power electronics at the heart of everyday life. STMicroelectronics’ portfolio within the realm of Microcontrollers and Processors is extensive, featuring the STM32 family, which encompasses a wide range of microcontroller devices based on the ARM Cortex-M CPU platforms. This ranges from ultra-low-power microcontrollers to more complex devices suited for demanding applications. The STM32G030F6P6TR is part of this prolific family, exemplifying STMicroelectronics’ commitment to providing scalable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient microcontrollers for a diverse array of applications. STMicroelectronics’ innovative approach and dedication to research and development ensure that their microcontrollers, including the STM32 series, remain at the forefront of technology, addressing the dynamic needs of the electronics industry.

Where to Find STM32G030F6P6TR by STMicroelectronics

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