TXB0104RUTR by Texas Instruments

Overview of TXB0104RUTR by Texas Instruments

The TXB0104RUTR by Texas Instruments is a 4-bit, bidirectional voltage-level shifter designed for multi-voltage digital system applications. It offers auto direction sensing to facilitate seamless communication between devices operating at different voltage levels. Additionally, it features ±15 kV ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protection, providing robustness against electrostatic shocks. Housed in a 12-pin, ultra-thin, quad, no-lead (UQFN) package, this component is designed to cover a wide range of supply voltages from 1.2V to 5.5V, making it highly versatile for various electronic designs. With a nominal supply voltage specified at 1.5V, this device can still function up to a maximum of 3.6V on one side (VCCA) and 5.5V on the other (VCCB), while maintaining a low supply current of maximum 0.01 mA.

This voltage-level translator has an operational temperature range from -40°C to 85°C, catering to industrial-grade requirements. The TXB0104RUTR’s propagation delay is specified with a maximum value of 13.7 ns, ensuring swift data transfer between high- and low-voltage domains. Its logic case style (UQFN) is designed for space-efficient, low-profile integrated circuits, with a focus on minimal footprint. This part is also ROHS compliant, adhering to environmental and safety standards regarding the restriction of hazardous substances in electronic devices. As a representation of its quality and reliability, the TXB0104RUTR is rated with a Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) of 1, indicating its resilience to moisture-induced damage during solder reflow processes.

Industry Applications for TXB0104RUTR

The versatility and robust performance of the TXB0104RUTR make it suitable for a wide array of applications across various industries. Here are some potential application areas, keeping in mind these are conceptual and would require thorough validation:

  • Space Technology: Given its high ESD protection and capability to function over a wide range of operational temperatures, the TXB0104RUTR might serve as an interface component in satellite communication modules where different systems operate at varied voltage levels.
  • Healthcare: Medical devices that require data communication between various sensors and control units at different voltage levels can utilize the TXB0104RUTR. Its small footprint and low power consumption would be beneficial in portable medical diagnostic equipment.
  • Consumer Electronics: Handheld devices, smartphones, and tablets that involve data exchange between components like microprocessors and memory modules operating at various voltage levels could utilize the TXB0104RUTR for efficient interfacing.
  • Industrial Automation: In industrial control systems, this part could be deployed for digital signal level shifting between microcontrollers, sensors, and actuators, facilitating seamless integration across the industrial automation grid.

Note that these applications are conceptual and require analysis and verification by engineering and design teams to ensure compatibility and safety in specific use cases.

About Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments (TI) is a global semiconductor company that designs and manufactures analog ICs and embedded processors. In the realm of Other Interface ICs, Texas Instruments stands out for its broad portfolio, which includes the TXB0104RUTR alongside numerous other components that facilitate communication and interfacing among a wide variety of electronic systems. TI’s commitment to innovation, reliability, and environmental sustainability has positioned it as a key player in the semiconductor industry. Other Interface ICs by TI are integral in developing solutions for complex digital communication tasks, ensuring interoperability between different systems and devices across all technological sectors.

Where to Find TXB0104RUTR by Texas Instruments

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