USB4110-GF-A by Global Connector Technology

Overview of USB4110-GF-A by Global Connector Technology

The USB4110-GF-A is a USB Type C, 2.0, receptacle connector featuring surface mount technology (SMT) with a right-angle body orientation. It is designed for top mount on a printed circuit board and comes in tape and reel packaging. This receptacle is equipped with 16 contacts, all male, and includes a locking mechanism for secure connection. The connector’s body dimensions are 0.445 inch in length, 0.303 inch in depth, and 0.128 inch in breadth, indicative of its compact footprint suitable for densely packed electronic assemblies.

Global Connector Technology (GCT) manufactures the USB4110-GF-A, ensuring compliance with several key quality and environmental standards. It is RoHS compliant, indicating it is free from hazardous substances. The part has an active lifecycle status and meets REACH compliance codes for chemical safety. Moreover, its insulator material is made from polyethylene and it features a black insulator color, which is a standard for USB connectors providing a distinguishable look amidst a plethora of components on a board. Its conductive areas are terminated with matte tin over nickel, providing a resilient connection surface against corrosion and wear over time.

Industry Applications for USB4110-GF-A

The USB4110-GF-A can serve multiple industries thanks to its versatile USB 2.0 interface and durable construction. Below are potential application areas:

  • Computing and Data Storage: Given its data transfer capabilities, this connector could potentially be used in desktop computers, laptops, servers, and external storage devices. The USB 2.0 standard supports a wide range of peripherals and storage solutions, making it suitable for internal connections within these devices.
  • Consumer Electronics: The USB4110-GF-A might find applications in smart devices, gaming consoles, and entertainment systems that require a compact, reliable USB connection for either power charging or data exchange with other devices.
  • Telecommunications: In networking hardware such as routers, modems, and switches, this connector could potentially facilitate connections for configuration, firmware updates, or direct data communication paths. Its reliability and locking feature make it suitable for environments that demand robust physical connections.
  • Industrial Controls: For industrial environments, the connector’s compact size, locking mechanism, and the ability to operate between -40°C and 85°C make it a potential candidate for embedded systems, control units, and data loggers that require durable and reliable USB connections.

These potential applications are conceptual and should be thoroughly evaluated by engineering and design teams for compatibility and performance in specific use cases.

About Global Connector Technology

Global Connector Technology (GCT) is a recognized manufacturer in the electronic components industry, specializing in connectors including Telecom and Datacom Connectors. Their focus on providing innovative, high-quality connectors for various data, signal, and power applications sets them apart in the electronics market. The USB4110-GF-A is one example of GCT’s commitment to developing products that meet strict industry standards while addressing the evolving needs of modern electronic devices. GCT’s portfolio also encompasses a variety of other connectors designed to offer reliable solutions for the telecommunications, computing, industrial, and consumer electronics sectors. With a global presence and a reputation for quality, GCT remains a go-to manufacturer for connectors that facilitate robust electronic connections.

Where to Find USB4110-GF-A by Global Connector Technology

To purchase the USB4110-GF-A, or to explore alternative Telecom and Datacom Connectors that might better suit your specific application needs, visit This site aggregates current stock levels and pricing from various distributors to help you make the most informed purchase decision. Historically, the USB4110-GF-A has been available from distributors such as New Advantage Corporation, TME, Future Electronics, and Mouser Electronics. It’s advisable to check on for the most up-to-date availability and pricing information from these and other distributors.

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