UWX0J331MCL1GB by Nichicon Corporation

Overview of UWX0J331MCL1GB by Nichicon Corporation

The UWX0J331MCL1GB by Nichicon Corporation is an aluminum electrolytic capacitor characterized by its polarized nature, utilizing wet aluminum dielectric material. It has a rated capacitance of 330µF with a voltage rating of 6.3V. The tolerance range for this capacitor is ±20%, making it flexible for applications requiring a specific level of accuracy in capacitance value. Designed for surface mount technology, it comes in a radial can – SMD package, ensuring ease of integration into various circuits. The capacitor’s case/package is described as 3333, with a standardized 8mm product diameter, and its compact size does not compromise on performance, as it features an impressive operational lifetime of 2000 hours at a temperature of 85°C. Additionally, the part adheres to ROHS compliance, making it suitable for use in environmentally conscious applications.

Notably, the UWX0J331MCL1GB is marked as end of life in its product life cycle, which indicates that while it may still be available for purchase, its production might be discontinued, or in the process of being phased out by Nichicon Corporation. This factor is crucial for procurement strategies, especially for long-term projects requiring consistent parts supply. Therefore, when considering this part for your application, it’s advisable to verify availability and explore potential alternatives for future-proofing your design.

Industry Applications for UWX0J331MCL1GB

The UWX0J331MCL1GB is versatile across several industries, with its inherent properties making it particularly suited for specific applications. Given its specifications and the aluminum electrolytic capacitors category it belongs to, here are various industries where this part might find relevance:

  • Energy and Power Systems: In this sector, such capacitors could potentially be utilized in power supply units, renewable energy inverters, or as part of the power conditioning systems. Their high capacitance value and tolerance to fluctuations make them ideal for smoothing out voltage and acting as buffers in transient conditions.
  • Medical Imaging: Within medical imaging equipment such as MRI machines or CT scanners, high-quality capacitors like the UWX0J331MCL1GB are critical for ensuring the stability and reliability of the power distribution systems, contributing to the accuracy and safety of diagnostic procedures.
  • Robotics and Drones: The compactness and efficiency of the UWX0J331MCL1GB make it an attractive option for robotics and drones, where space is at a premium and power efficiency is paramount. These applications require components that can withstand varied operational conditions while maintaining consistent performance.

It’s important to note that these potential applications are conceptual and require thorough analysis and verification by engineering and design teams to ensure suitability, especially considering the part’s end-of-life status.

About Nichicon Corporation

Nichicon Corporation stands as an influential leader in the manufacture of capacitors, particularly in the domain of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The company’s extensive lineup includes a broad range of capacitor types, designed to cater to the diverse requirements of the electronics industry. Nichicon has been at the forefront of capacitor technology, consistently expanding its product offerings to address the evolving needs of high-demand applications across various market segments. The UWX0J331MCL1GB is a testament to Nichicon’s commitment to quality and reliability, embodying the manufacturer’s expertise in delivering high-performance, durable capacitors suitable for a wide array of applications.

Where to Find UWX0J331MCL1GB by Nichicon Corporation

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