XGL4020-222MEC by Coilcraft Inc

Overview of XGL4020-222MEC by Coilcraft Inc.

The XGL4020-222MEC by Coilcraft Inc. is characterized as a general-purpose inductor with a 2.2µH inductance, boasting a tolerance of 20%. This electronic component falls into the Fixed Inductors subcategory, standing out due to its composite core, SMD (Surface Mount Device) packaging with a chip form factor sized at 1616 (4mm x 4mm). It is designed to cater to a wide range of electronic applications, offering a maximum operating temperature of 125°C and a minimum of -40°C, making it highly versatile for various environmental conditions.

With a rated current up to 8.9A and DC resistance of only 0.0215 Ω, the XGL4020-222MEC exhibits high current handling capability combined with low power losses. This component is also distinguished by its RoHS compliance, AEC-Q200 qualification, and shielding for reduced electromagnetic interference, further emphasizing its suitability for sophisticated electronics requiring reliable power inductance. The surface mount, rectangular package is tin-silver terminated and designed for dual-ended placement, which, alongside its rated self-resonance frequency of 40 MHz, makes it a go-to choice for engineers looking for efficient power management and noise reduction in their designs.

Industry Applications for XGL4020-222MEC

The versatile features of the XGL4020-222MEC inductor make it potentially suitable for a broad spectrum of industries and applications where power efficiency and reliability are paramount. Here are some possible uses across various sectors:

  • Renewable Energy: It could serve critical roles in solar inverters, wind turbine controls, or energy storage systems by ensuring efficient power conversion and reducing energy loss, benefiting from its high current handling and low DC resistance.
  • Automotive Electronics: Given its AEC-Q200 qualification, this inductor might be implemented in electronic control units, infotainment systems, or advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), emphasizing the need for components that can perform reliably under wide temperature ranges and provide noise suppression.
  • Consumer Electronics: Portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops might incorporate this inductor to improve power supply efficiency and minimize overheating, leveraging its small footprint and effective electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding.
  • Industrial Automation: In applications such as robotic systems or automated production lines, the XGL4020-222MEC can contribute to optimizing power distribution and reducing operational delays caused by electronic noise, utilizing its durability and high-performance standards.

These potential applications necessitate thorough analysis and verification by engineering and design teams to ensure compatibility and optimal performance within specific environments and systems.

About Coilcraft Inc.

Coilcraft Inc., the manufacturer of the XGL4020-222MEC, is a recognized industry leader in the production of magnetic components, including inductors and transformers. Specializing particularly in the realm of Fixed Inductors, the company focuses on designing parts that meet stringent quality standards required across a multitude of electronic applications – from consumer electronics to industrial and automotive sectors. With the XGL4020-222MEC as a testament to their engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Coilcraft is dedicated to providing components that enhance efficiency, reduce size, and offer solutions to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) challenges. Their portfolio includes a wide variety of inductors designed to cater to specific technical requirements, ensuring that regardless of the complexity of the application, there’s likely a Coilcraft component suited for the job.

Where to Find XGL4020-222MEC by Coilcraft Inc

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