350780-1 by TE Connectivity

Overview of 350780-1 by TE Connectivity

The 350780-1 component, manufactured by TE Connectivity, is categorized as a plug and socket housing, specifically identified as a receptacle. It is a part of the electronic components subcategory known as Power Connectors. This part features a rectangular power connector type with a receptacle body/shell style. It is designed to facilitate reliable connections in various electrical circuits, accommodating a four-position contact arrangement within a singular connector configuration.

This part is highlighted by several notable attributes. Its construction from nylon (polyamide) offers both durability and good insulation properties. The connector supports an operating temperature range of -55°C to +105°C, making it suitable for a wide range of environments. Its contact resistance is specified at 3.5 mΩ, and it boasts an insulation resistance of 100,000,000 Ω. Additionally, the 350780-1 is designed to be EMI shielded, making it suitable for applications requiring noise reduction in the electrical signal.

This product boasts compliance with several key regulatory standards, including but not limited to Pb-free and RoHS compliance, REACH compliance, and an EAR99 ECCN code. Its HTS Code is 8536.69.40.30, and it carries a factory lead time of 9 weeks as of the current writing.

Industry Applications for 350780-1

Possible industry applications for the 350780-1 span a wide spectrum, reflecting the versatility and reliability of this TE Connectivity component. While this list is not exhaustive, it illustrates the potent applicability of the part across diverse fields:

  • Space Technology: In space applications, components must withstand extreme variations in temperature and radiation. The 350780-1 could be used in satellite systems or spacecraft electrical interfaces, where its high insulation resistance and temperature tolerance are crucial.
  • Industrial Automation: Automation systems often require robust connectivity solutions for sensors, actuators, and control units. The durability and the operating temperature range of the 350780-1 make it suitable for industrial environments prone to temperature fluctuations and mechanical stress.
  • Transportation and Logistics: In the transportation sector, where equipment must endure vibration and environmental influences, the 350780-1 might be found in vehicle control systems, logistics tracking devices, and communication interfaces within transportation infrastructure.
  • Renewable Energy: Solar panels and wind turbines need connectors that can perform under varying environmental conditions. The 350780-1’s specifications make it potentially suitable for connecting inverters, power management modules, or monitoring devices in renewable energy installations.

Note that these potential applications are conceptual/illustrative and require careful analysis and verification by engineering and design teams to ensure compatibility and compliance with specific application requirements.

About TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity is a global leader in the field of connectors, including Power Connectors, and interconnect solutions. With a strong focus on innovation and quality, TE Connectivity offers a broad range of products for various industries, including automotive, industrial, communication networks, and consumer electronics. TE Connectivity’s 350780-1 is just one example of the company’s commitment to providing high-quality, reliable connector solutions. TE Connectivity is known for its engineering expertise, extensive research and development activities, and ability to offer custom-designed solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

Where to Find 350780-1 by TE Connectivity

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