350824-4 by TE Connectivity

Overview of 350824-4 by TE Connectivity

The 350824-4 component by TE Connectivity is a 02P UMNL HDR ASSY PC LF, classified under Power Connectors category. It is designed with pin and socket connectors that are structured in a header socket 1X02C vertical configuration with V0 flammability rating. In compliance with RoHS, this product ensures environmentally safe use by avoiding hazardous substances in its manufacturing. Such factors are crucial for a wide range of electronic applications seeking reliable and high-quality connectivity solutions.

With its features aligned to industry standards—such as a body size comprehensively listed as 0.55 inches in length, breadth, and depth, and an insulator made from polyamide for durability and efficiency—the 350824-4 component boasts a robust design. It also has a matte tin (Sn) with a nickel (Ni) barrier finish on its terminations, enhancing its resistance against corrosion and physical wear. This component can accommodate a contact arrangement of SO2P with an operating temperature range from -40 °C to 105 °C, indicating its versatility across various operating environments.

Industry Applications for 350824-4

Due to its generic and adaptable design, the 350824-4 may potentially serve a broad spectrum of industry applications. The following use cases illustrate possible scenarios for its application, but it’s essential to note these are conceptual and require verification by engineering and design teams:

  • Consumer Electronics: The high insulation resistance and durability of 350824-4 make it suitably equipped for consumer electronics where safety and longevity are paramount. Devices such as home appliances, smart home systems, and other personal electronic devices could benefit from its reliable connectivity.
  • Audio and Video Systems: Given its polarized and locking mounting options, this connector can be used in audio and video equipment, including professional sound systems, home theater setups, and commercial broadcasting equipment, providing secure connections that resist accidental disconnection.
  • Entertainment and Gaming: The gaming industry, encompassing consoles, arcade machines, and virtual reality (VR) platforms, can leverage the 350824-4 connector for its locking feature and high contact reliability. The component could be utilized in internal power distribution or peripheral connections, enhancing user experience through improved device reliability.

These potential applications underscore the component’s adaptability and reliability in various settings. Their practical incorporation, however, would necessitate thorough evaluation related to specific requirement compliance and performance expectations in the given application.

About TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity is a significant player in the domain of electronic components, especially known for their expertise in engineering high-quality Power Connectors and connectors at large. Over the years, TE Connectivity has established a strong reputation in the industry for producing robust, reliable, and high-performance solutions spanning across various applications and industries. The 350824-4 is among the array of parts they manufacture, characterized by TE’s commitment to innovation, quality, and environmental safety. TE Connectivity’s products are not just about fulfilling the current needs but are geared towards anticipating the future challenges and opportunities in connectivity, making them a go-to choice for cutting-edge electronic component solutions.

Where to Find 350824-4 by TE Connectivity

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