39012045 by Molex

Overview of 39012045 by Molex

The 39012045 by Molex is a Rectangular Power Connector characterized by its 4 Contact(s), Female, housed in a Crimp Terminal, Receptacle format. It is not only halogen-free but also fully RoHS compliant, standing out for its commitment to environmental standards. This connector’s design, with a pitch of 4.20mm, makes it suitable for a variety of applications requiring a reliable connection within a compact form factor. The connector is part of the Power Connectors subcategory within the wider Connectors category, indicating its role in providing power connections in electronic circuits.

Key attributes include its active part life cycle, indicating ongoing production and support from Molex, and it comes with a body/shell style of a receptacle. Designed for cable mounting, it can operate between a wide temperature range of -40°C to 105°C. Its UL 94V-0 flammability code ensures safety in applications where fire resistance is critical. Additionally, its designation as polarized helps in preventing reverse connections, an important feature for maintaining design integrity and operational safety. This connector’s capability to handle a rated current (power) of 13A further underscores its utility in applications requiring a sizable power transfer through a small physical footprint.

Industry Applications for 39012045

The diverse attributes and specifications of the 39012045 make it suitable for application across a broad spectrum of industries. Here are some potential applications:

  • Space Technology and Aerospace: The capability to operate in extreme temperatures and its RoHS compliance make it a potentially solid choice for space technology and aerospace applications, where stringent material and operational guidelines are observed.
  • Transportation and Logistics: Possibly utilized in the electrical systems of transportation and logistics infrastructure, where reliable and durable connectors are crucial for the operational integrity of logistic and transportation systems.
  • Renewable Energy: In the renewable energy sector, its attributes like a wide operating temperature range and high current rating could potentially suit applications in solar panel arrays, wind turbines, or other renewable energy equipment needing robust, reliable connections.
  • Robotics and Drones: Given its compact size, reliability, and ease of use, it could see applications in robotics and drones, where weight and reliability are key considerations.

Note that these potential applications are illustrative and require thorough verification by engineering and design teams catering to the specific requirements and regulations of each field.

About Molex

Molex is a globally recognized leader in electronic connectors, offering a wide range of solutions including those in the Power Connectors category. Its products, including the 39012045, are designed with an emphasis on quality, reliability, and innovation. Molex’s extensive catalog spans various industries and applications, demonstrating the company’s ability to adapt to the evolving demands of technology and connectivity. Molex connectors are known for their durability and performance, capable of withstanding harsh conditions while providing secure and efficient connections. The company supports a comprehensive suite of connectors, ranging from wire-to-board, board-to-board, and complex multi-pin configurations, making it a go-to source for engineers and procurement specialists seeking reliable connector solutions.

Where to Find 39012045 by Molex

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