43045-0400 by Molex

Overview of 43045-0400 by Molex

The 43045-0400 by Molex is a rectangular power connector featuring 4 contacts, designed with a male gender and solder terminal for through-hole mounting. This plug is part of the Micro-Fit 3.0 43045 Series and is distinguished by its pitch spacing of 3mm and two rows of contacts. The contact termination is achieved via a through-hole process, ensuring a reliable connection. Contacts are tin-plated, providing a durable and corrosion-resistant finish. The connector is designed to be RoHS compliant, meeting the latest environmental standards which restrict the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

This component is characterized by its black, glass-filled liquid crystal polymer insulator material and has a body breadth of 0.345 inches, a depth of 0.482 inches, and a length of 0.38 inches. Its contacts are made from brass with a matte tin over nickel finish for both mating and termination, contributing to its robust performance. The connector supports an operating temperature range from -40 °C to 105 °C, accommodates a rated current (signal) of 8.5 A, and has an insulation resistance of 1,000,000,000 Ω. It’s designed for general purpose applications and is available with locking mounting options for secure placement on printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Industry Applications for 43045-0400

The 43045-0400 connector finds applications across various industries due to its design flexibility, reliable electrical performance, and compliance with stringent standards. Below are some conceptual use cases, illustrating the wide-ranging potential of this connector. Engineering and design teams should verify the suitability of the part for these applications:

  • Space Technology: In satellites or space exploration payloads, the 43045-0400 could potentially be used for power supply connections due to its high insulation resistance and ability to operate across a wide range of temperatures.
  • Aerospace and Defense: This connector might serve in the aerospace sector for applications requiring compact, reliable connections with high durability and the capacity to withstand significant temperature variations.
  • job applications ein 242s < command>li>Transportation and Logistics: Within control systems for transportation infrastructure or in vehicle tracking devices, the 43045-0400 may offer solutions for power connectivity, particularly where space is at a premium and reliability is critical.

  • Renewable Energy: For connections within renewable energy systems, such as small-scale solar panels or wind turbines, this connector could contribute to efficient power management and distribution, thanks to its rated current and operational temperature range.
  • Robotics and Drones: In robotics and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the 43045-0400’s compact design and reliable connection could be critical for power distribution in constrained spaces, supporting both mobility and functionality.

Note: These potential applications are conceptual and require analysis and verification by engineering and design teams regarding their specific use cases.

About Molex

Molex is a globally recognized leader in the development and manufacturing of electronic solutions, including a wide array of connector technologies. Their expertise spans across many categories, but they are particularly known for their innovative advancements in Power Connectors. The Molex 43045-0400 is just one example of their commitment to high-quality, reliable interconnect products. Molex designs and manufactures an extensive range of connector solutions that address the needs of various industries, including automotive, consumer electronics, telecommunications, and more. Their product offerings not only include power connectors but also data, signal, and optical interconnects, reflecting a comprehensive approach to meeting the diverse requirements of their customers.

Where to Find 43045-0400 by Molex

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