470531000 by Molex

Overview of 470531000 by Molex

The 470531000 is a board connector with 4 contacts, arranged in a single row, featuring a male straight orientation. It is designed for solder terminal connections and is characterized by its halogen-free and RoHS-compliant materials. This part falls under the Headers and Edge Type Connectors subcategory within the Connectors category. The connectors are provided in a bulk packaging format, ensuring compatibility and ease of integration into a variety of applications. With a terminal pitch of 2.54 mm, it offers a standard interfacing option that is widely accepted in the industry.

Manufactured by Molex LLC, the 470531000 boasts several key attributes according to the Part Data Attributes from findchips.com, including being active in lifecycle, low halogen, and Reach compliant. Other notable features of this connector include its general-purpose option, the presence of multiple mating parts available, matte tin over nickel contact termination finish, and its construction from brass material for the contacts. Despite the lack of specific conformances such as DIN, IEC, and MIL, the connector remains a versatile choice due to its general-purpose nature and the manufacturer’s reputation for quality and reliability in connector solutions.

Industry Applications for 470531000

Given the specifications and compliance of the 470531000, it can serve a myriad of applications across various industries. Below are some key industries and the potential applications for this part, though note that these applications are conceptual and require proper verification and analysis by engineering teams before implementation:

  • Consumer Electronics: Devices such as home entertainment systems, computers, and peripherals could incorporate the 470531000 for internal board-to-board connections. Its RoHS compliance is particularly critical in this sector due to the emphasis on environmentally friendly materials.
  • Industrial Equipment: Industrial control boards, automation systems, and monitoring equipment could benefit from the robustness and reliability of the 470531000. Its solder termination type ensures a durable connection critical for industrial environments.
  • Telecommunications: Networking equipment, including routers, switches, and signal transmission devices, might utilize this connector for its compact size and compliance with important environmental standards.
  • Automotive Applications: Although automotive use requires careful consideration of specifications, the 470531000 could potentially find utility in non-critical infotainment systems or as part of diagnostic interfaces, where its general-purpose nature and compliance with environmental standards are beneficial.

These applications are illustrative and should cement the fact that the 470531000 by Molex is designed for flexibility across a wide range of potential use cases.

About Molex

Molex is a globally recognized leader in the field of electronic connectors, including Headers and Edge Type Connectors. It stands out in the industry for its innovative product offerings that cater to virtually every electronic and electrical application. Known for the quality and reliability of its components, Molex ensures that parts like the 470531000 and similar offerings adhere to stringent compliance standards such as RoHS and REACH. This commitment extends to a broad portfolio of connectors that are designed to meet the varied needs of manufacturers and engineers, from simple board-to-board connectors to more complex multi-pin arrangements. Molex’s expertise in the connector sector is unmatched, making them a go-to provider for solutions that require the highest levels of performance and reliability.

Where to Find 470531000 by Molex

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