50-57-9404 by Molex

Overview of 50-57-9404 by Molex

The 50-57-9404 is a board connector characterized by its 4 contacts, single row, female gender, and a pitch of 0.1 inches. This component employs crimp terminals and features a latch mechanism for secure connection, housed within a black insulator. Its designation falls within the SL 70066 series, making it compatible with 70058 and 71851 series female crimp terminals. Notably, this product from Molex is ROHS compliant, enhancing its appeal in environments where environmental and safety standards are a priority. The body material of this connector is PBT polyester, which is glass-filled for increased durability and reliability. Within the realm of electronic parts, it resides in the subcategory of Headers and Edge Type Connectors, a critical domain for facilitating board-to-board or wire-to-board connections.

According to the detailed specifications, the 50-57-9404 boasts a number of defining features, including being latched and polarized, which can prevent improper connections. Its dimensions and the materials used in its construction make it suitable for a diverse range of applications, potentially requiring a durable and reliable connector. Furthermore, with an operating temperature range from -40 °C to 105 °C and an insulation resistance of 10,000,000,000 ohms, this connector is built to maintain performance under a wide spectrum of environmental conditions. As per the latest data, it has a factory lead time of 16 weeks and 4 days, indicating the time required for delivery after placing an order.

Industry Applications for 50-57-9404

The versatility and technical specifications of the 50-57-9404 connector make it suitable for a range of industry applications. Here are a few potential use cases:

  • Consumer Electronics: Components such as audio/video equipment, home appliances, and personal computing devices could utilize this connector for board-to-board or wire-to-board connections. Its durability and reliability make it an appealing choice for devices that require dependable performance over time.
  • Energy and Power Systems: The 50-57-9404 could find applications within power distribution modules, solar inverters, and other equipment in energy generation and distribution systems. The high insulation resistance and operating temperature range make it suitable for environments experiencing variable temperatures and conditions.
  • Renewable Energy: In the realm of renewable energy, specifically solar and wind power generation systems, this connector might be employed in connecting control units to sensors or power conditioning equipment. Its robust construction and compatibility with a range of female crimp terminals make it adaptable to the specialized needs of renewable energy technologies.

Note: The potential applications listed above are conceptual/illustrative and require comprehensive analysis and verification by engineering and design teams to ensure compatibility and safety in each use case.

About Molex

Molex is a globally recognized manufacturer within the electronic connectors’ sphere, including Headers and Edge Type Connectors. Renowned for its innovation, quality, and breadth of products, Molex offers a vast array of connector solutions designed to meet the diverse requirements of various industries. The company’s expertise in creating precision-engineered connectors, such as the 50-57-9404, positions it as a leader in the field. Molex is committed to delivering products that fulfill the strict standards for performance, reliability, and compliance with current environmental regulations, making its offerings highly sought after in the electronics market.

Where to Find 50-57-9404 by Molex

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