74HC273D,653 by Nexperia

Overview of 74HC273D,653 by Nexperia

The 74HC273D,653 is an octal D-type flip-flop with reset; its positive-edge trigger functionality makes it a staple in digital logic circuits. This particular part, manufactured by Nexperia, adheres to the 74HC logic family with a base number of 74HC273. It encapsulates the essence of logic operation with a propagation delay of 13ns and a functioning frequency of 122MHz. Designed to output a current of 5.2mA, it is packaged in a SOIC-20 casing, supporting 20 pins for connectivity. The trigger type is positive edge, enhancing its reliability and performance in high-speed logic circuits. Additionally, it is ROHS compliant, ensuring it meets the standards for hazardous substance regulations.

This part belongs to the electronic parts subcategory of FF/Latches within the broader category of Logic. Noteworthy attributes from the part data include its active life cycle status, indicating its availability and support for ongoing and new designs. Its packaging is defined under the SOP-20 specifications with a standard part package code of SOP, and a manufacturer package code of SOT163-1. The 74HC273D,653 is also noted for its compliance with REACH regulations, illustrating Nexperia’s commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing.

Industry Applications for 74HC273D,653

The 74HC273D,653 by Nexperia finds applications in a variety of systems across multiple industries. The following outlines potential use cases, emphasizing the need for analysis and verification by engineering and design teams:

  • Energy and Power Systems: In energy management systems, such as solar inverters or smart grid technology, the 74HC273D,653 could potentially be used to manage logic controls and operational commands, ensuring efficient power conversion and distribution.
  • Industrial Automation: As part of control units in automated manufacturing lines or robotics, the part could manage the state logic for motor control and sensor data processing, offering precise control and operational efficiency.
  • Consumer Electronics: In products requiring complex logic operations, such as gaming consoles or smart home devices, this part can provide the necessary flip-flop functions for handling user inputs or system states, enhancing the device’s performance and responsiveness.
  • Telecommunications: Within network hardware, such as routers and switches, the 74HC273D,653 might be utilized for managing data flow control, contributing to the reliability and speed of data transmission.

Note: These potential applications are conceptual/illustrative and require thorough analysis and verification by engineering and design teams.

About Nexperia

Nexperia, a global leader in the production of discrete and logic semiconductor components, is notably proficient in FF/Latches specifically and Logic in general. Their manufacturing prowess extends to a comprehensive range of logic devices, including 74HC273D,653 and similar parts. Nexperia is renowned for their rigorous attention to quality and reliability, ensuring each component like the 74HC273D,653 meets the highest industry standards for performance and compliance. Through innovative design and manufacturing processes, Nexperia has cemented its position as a dependable provider for the electronics industry, particularly for applications requiring robust and precise logic operations.

Where to Find 74HC273D,653 by Nexperia

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