74LVC245APW,118 by Nexperia

Overview of 74LVC245APW,118 by Nexperia

The 74LVC245APW,118 is an octal bus transceiver with 3-state outputs designed by Nexperia. This component belongs to the Bus Driver/Transceivers subcategory in the broader category of Logic. Specifically, it has a Logic Type of Transceiver, Non-Inverting, encapsulated in a TSSOP20 package. Its pin count stands at 20, while its operational supply voltage range is specified between a minimum of 1.65V and a maximum of 3.6V, adhering to the 74LVC logic family norms.

This part is designed with a focus on high-speed signal transmission with minimal power consumption, making it suitable for interfacing between multiple bus standards in a variety of digital systems. It features an extensive operating temperature range from -40 °C to +125 °C, meets the requirements for automotive temperature grade applications, and boasts a moisture sensitivity level of 1, signaling its durability and reliability in diverse conditions. Additionally, with technology rooted in CMOS, it ensures high-speed operation with low-voltage conditions, complemented by its support for bidirectional communication through its dual 8-bit bus transceiver configuration with direction control. The part’s outputs are true and are put into the high impedance state when not enabled, to prevent undesirable effects on the bus lines.

Released into the market on February 1, 1996, this part has maintained an “Active” life cycle status, with a factory lead time of 8 weeks as of the most recent update. Its packing method is tape and reel, indicating a preference for automated assembly processes, and its backlash against potential environmental impact is confirmed by its RoHS and REACH compliance.

Industry Applications for 74LVC245APW,118

The 74LVC245APW,118 can serve a multitude of applications across various industries thanks to its versatile features. It is important to note that these applications are illustrative and would need thorough vetting by on-ground engineering and design teams. Here are some identified and conceptual use cases:

  • Consumer Electronics: Utilized in devices requiring data transfer or communication between different logic levels. Examples include smartphones, tablets, and personal computers, where the transceiver aids in data exchange and signal integrity between peripheral components.
  • Industrial Automation: For controlling sensors and actuators across different voltage domains within automated manufacturing lines, potentially enhancing communication reliability between the microcontroller units and field devices.
  • Telecommunications: Deployed within networking equipment like switches and routers for effective data transmission across different logic-level domains ensuring robust signal integrity and minimal data corruption.
  • Automotive: Possible implementation in vehicle infotainment systems, diagnostic interfaces, and communication systems between different domain controllers, highlighting the part’s automotive temperature grade compatibility.

While the aforementioned industries represent the primary sectors, the low voltage operation, high-speed data handling, and 3-state output features of the 74LVC245APW,118 may also find utility in emerging technologies and applications, underscoring the need for further exploration.

About Nexperia

Nexperia is a globally recognized leader in the production of discrete, logic, and MOSFET devices. When it comes to Bus Driver/Transceivers and logic components, Nexperia stands out for its commitment to efficiency, reliability, and innovation. The company’s portfolio spans a broad spectrum, including the 74LVC245APW,118, which exemplifies their expertise in creating components that meet stringent automotive-grade quality standards alongside general-purpose requirements. Nexperia continues to push the boundaries of technology with its products by delivering robust performance in compact, energy-efficient packages. Their parts are integral to designs in various high-demand sectors, including consumer electronics, automotive, and industrial systems, providing the backbone for operations requiring precise, reliable logic solutions.

Where to Find 74LVC245APW,118 by Nexperia

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