AMIS30624C6245RG by onsemi

Overview of AMIS30624C6245RG by onsemi

The AMIS30624C6245RG is a microstepping motor driver and controller featuring an I2C bus and stall detection, designed for precision movement and control in automated environments. Manufactured by onsemi, this component is housed in a NQFP32, 7×7 package and is typically supplied on a 2500-reel. It operates within a supply voltage range of 8 V to 29 V, making it suitable for a wide range of applications requiring meticulous motion control. This part is notable for its integration capabilities, enabling minimal external component count which can simplify design and reduce system cost.

The specific offering includes additional features that enhance its utility, such as requiring a 4.75V to 5.5V VDD supply. It is highlighted by its ability to drive up to 0.8 A output current, accommodated within its compact square chip carrier package that measures just 7 mm in length and width, with a maximum seated height of 0.9 mm. The AMIS30624C6245RG is listed with a moisture sensitivity level of 3, and it operates across a wide temperature range, from -40 °C to 125 °C, classified under the automotive temperature grade. Its terminal finish is matte tin, providing reliable connection points in a variety of manufacturing processes, including surface mount technology (SMT). This component is Reach compliant, ensuring it meets European standards for environmental safety.

Industry Applications for AMIS30624C6245RG

Given its capabilities, the AMIS30624C6245RG can serve a broad spectrum of industry applications, particularly those requiring precise motion control and compact form factors. The following are a few potential use cases for this component:

  • Industrial Automation: Its precision control and microstepping capability make it a strong candidate for robotics, assembly lines, and automated control systems where precise movement is critical. Components such as conveyors, robotic arms, and precision dispensers might incorporate this driver and controller for improved reliability and control.
  • Consumer Electronics: Devices requiring fine motion control, such as camera stabilization systems, small-scale drones, or robotic vacuum cleaners, could also benefit from this component’s compact size and precise control features.
  • Automotive Applications: The AMIS30624C6245RG could find use in automotive systems requiring precise control within a compact space, such as mirror adjustments, headlight positioning, or small motor control systems within the vehicle’s interior.
  • Medical Equipment: Precision is often a requirement in medical devices, for applications ranging from lab automation equipment to patient handling systems, where controlled motion is necessary.

These potential applications would need thorough analysis and verification by engineering and design teams to ensure compatibility and optimal performance within the specific environment and application parameters.

About onsemi

onsemi, the manufacturer of AMIS30624C6245RG, is a leader in innovative semiconductor solutions for energy efficient electronics. The company has a rich portfolio in various domains, but particularly excels in the field of Motion Control Electronics, offering a range of components that cater to the demanding needs of modern automated systems. onsemi’s solutions are designed to address the challenges of high efficiency, compact size, and precise control, making its products, including the AMIS30624C6245RG, highly suitable for applications ranging from industrial automation to consumer electronics.

Where to Find AMIS30624C6245RG by onsemi

For those interested in purchasing the AMIS30624C6245RG, it’s recommended to research through The website provides a comprehensive platform to compare current stock levels and pricing from various distributors. Although the part has been historically available at distributors like Chip1Cloud and Rochester Electronics, availability can fluctuate. Consequently, checking will offer the latest information on stock and distribution channels. Additionally, those seeking alternatives or even other components from onsemi might find the Motion Control Electronics segment useful for discovering supplementary parts that could better suit their project requirements.

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