BAT54VV,115 by Nexperia

Overview of BAT54VV,115 by Nexperia

The BAT54VV,115 by Nexperia is a Schottky barrier triple diode, packaged notably in an ultra-small SOT666 form. This component is distinguished by its triple isolated diode configuration, offering a repetitive peak reverse voltage of 40V and an average forward current of 200mA. Its maximum forward voltage stands at 800mV, with a forward surge current peak of 600mA. This diode operates efficiently within a wide temperature range from -65°C to +125°C, making it adaptable to various operating conditions.

Constructed with silicon as the diode element material, it falls within the category of Rectifier Diodes. The part features a RoHS compliance, signifying adherence to hazardous material standards. It possesses a moisture sensitivity level of 1, indicating its resilience against moisture-induced damage when handled or operated in ambient environments. The BAT54VV,115 is designed for surface mount technology (SMT), facilitating streamlined assembly processes in manufacturing environments. Furthermore, the part’s packaging and component materials are both plastic/epoxy, ensuring durability and reliability in a broad array of applications.

Industry Applications for BAT54VV,115

  • Space Technology: The BAT54VV,115 could potentially be used in satellite systems, where its high operating temperature range and resilience to moisture could ensure reliability in the extreme conditions of space.
  • Aerospace and Defense: This device might be found in avionics systems, navigation tools, and military communication equipment, benefiting from its compact size and reliable performance in environments with extreme temperature fluctuations.
  • Energy and Power Systems: Its efficiency and durability might make it suitable for use in solar power inverters, power supply units, and other energy management systems that require consistent performance and long-term reliability.
  • Automotive Applications: Given its robust design and operating temperature range, the BAT54VV,115 may also find applications in automotive systems, such as in battery management systems or in electronic control units where space is at a premium and component efficiency is critical.

Note: The potential applications mentioned above only serve as conceptual illustrations. Engineers and design teams should conduct thorough analysis and verification before incorporating this part into specific applications.

About Nexperia

Nexperia is a dedicated global leader in the production of Discretes, Logic, and MOSFET devices, including a specialized focus on Rectifier Diodes. The company is renowned for offering high-quality, innovative semiconductor components, utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies to ensure reliability and efficiency. The BAT54VV,115 represents just one example of Nexperia’s commitment to developing advanced electronic components. Among their broad portfolio, Nexperia produces a variety of semiconductor products designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the automotive, industrial, computing, consumer, and wearable application markets.

Where to Find BAT54VV,115 by Nexperia

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