BAV99WT1G by onsemi

Overview of BAV99WT1G by onsemi

The BAV99WT1G by onsemi is a small signal diode designed for high-speed switching applications. This component is known for its dual series, 70V repetitive peak reverse voltage, and the ability to handle an average forward current of 200mA. With a maximum forward voltage of 1V and a reverse recovery time of just 6 ns, it is well suited for tasks requiring quick switching and low power loss. The BAV99WT1G also features a forward surge current capability of 2A, making it robust for transient conditions. Encased in an SOT-323 package, it is compact and suitable for high-density board installations. This part is described as having a ‘Rectangular’ package shape and ‘Small Outline’ style according to its package description, making it a viable choice for space-sensitive applications. It is also RoHS compliant, ensuring adherence to environmental standards concerning hazardous substances.

Industry Applications for BAV99WT1G

The BAV99WT1G could potentially find its application in a vast array of industries, given its high-speed switching capabilities and compact form factor. While engineering and design teams are encouraged to perform their analysis and verify compatibility, several industries might benefit from integrating this component into their systems.

  • Consumer Electronics: Devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets might utilize the BAV99WT1G for its fast switching capabilities, ensuring quick response times and efficiency in power management circuits.
  • Energy and Power Systems: This diode could be used in power supply units, helping in the conversion and management of power with its efficient switching and low power loss characteristics.
  • Renewable Energy: Solar inverters and wind turbine controllers, which require efficient power conversion circuits, might benefit from incorporating the BAV99WT1G, leveraging its fast switching and high current handling capacity.
  • Telecommunications: In the rapidly switching circuits of network equipment, the BAV99WT1G could provide the necessary performance for signal modulation and demodulation.

It’s important for design teams to evaluate the Rectifier Diodes‘s specifications like the forward voltage, power dissipation, and recovery time in the context of their specific applications.

About onsemi

onsemi, formerly known as ON Semiconductor, is a leading provider of semiconductor solutions, especially noted for its contributions to energy-efficient innovations. The company’s portfolio in Diodes, particularly Rectifier Diodes, stands out for their reliability, performance, and the company’s commitment to sustainability. The BAV99WT1G is just one example of onsemi’s extensive range of diodes designed for various applications. onsemi’s offerings include a diverse range of components that cater to power management, automotive, consumer electronics, and industrial applications, demonstrating their capability to produce high-quality, cutting-edge semiconductor technologies.

Where to Find BAV99WT1G by onsemi

To purchase the BAV99WT1G or to explore replacements and similar parts, one should start their search on Here, current stock levels, pricing from various distributors, and detailed part information are available. For those looking specifically for Rectifier Diodes, provides a comprehensive overview of options available from onsemi and other manufacturers.

Historically, the part has been available from a variety of distributors including Win Source Electronics, Sense Electronic Company Limited, New Advantage Corporation, and Flip Electronics. However, to get the most current availability and pricing information, visiting is recommended. Given the dynamic nature of electronic component sales and distribution, inventory and prices are subject to change.

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