BC807-25,215 by Nexperia

Overview of BC807-25,215 by Nexperia

The BC807-25,215 is a surface-mount, PNP general-purpose transistor manufactured by Nexperia. This part, encapsulated in a small TO-236 package (also known as SOT-23), features a collector-emitter voltage of up to -45V and supports a continuous collector current of up to -500mA. It is capable of dissipating power up to 250mW. The transistor is designed with three gull-wing pins, making it suitable for surface-mount techniques. A notable aspect of its specifications includes a DC current gain (hFE) minimum of 160, and a transition frequency (fT) nominally rated at 100 MHz, which indicates its suitability for high-speed switching applications.

This component is marked by its compactness and efficiency, appealing to a wide range of electronic applications. The BC807-25,215 is also characterized by a maximum VCEsat of 0.7V, ensuring efficient operation even in low-voltage circuits. Its compliance with RoHS standards and an EAR99 ECCN code underline its global acceptance and broad applicability in various sectors. The part’s introduction into the market was in September 1997, and it has since been adopted in a diverse set of electronic circuits, thanks to its versatility and reliability. It is of note that this component has a Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) of 1, indicating a high degree of resilience to moisture during storage and handling.

Industry Applications for BC807-25,215

The BC807-25,215 transistor may potentially serve a wide array of industry applications, particularly benefiting sectors requiring reliable, high-performance switching and amplification solutions. It is important to bear in mind that the following applications are conceptual illustrations and would need thorough analysis and verification by engineering and design professionals to ensure suitability and optimal performance.

  • Consumer Electronics: This transistor can be commonly found in a variety of consumer electronic devices, where it possibly serves in power management and signal amplification roles. Applications might include portable devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and personal media players, where power efficiency and miniaturization are critical.
  • Audio and Video Systems: Given its switching speed and current handling capability, the BC807-25,215 could be well-suited for audio signal processing tasks in home theater systems, amplifiers, and mixing consoles, as well as video signal management in monitors and television sets.
  • Control Circuits: Its potential applications extend to embedded systems and industrial control circuits, where it might be used in the regulation of currents, signal modulation, and actuator control. These applications benefit from the device’s efficiency and the compact TO-236 package, allowing for high-density board designs.
  • Lighting Technologies: In LED lighting and management systems, the BC807-25,215 could be utilized for driving and regulating LED arrays, owing to its PNP type and the capability to handle moderate currents efficiently.

Note, these potential applications highlight the versatility of the BC807-25,215 but require specific engineering considerations including device characteristics and environmental conditions to ensure proper integration and functionality within electronic systems.

About Nexperia

Nexperia is a global leader in the production of discrete, logic, and MOSFET devices, including a comprehensive range of Small Signal Bipolar Transistors. The company specializes in producing high-quality, energy-efficient components that are integral in the miniaturization of electronic devices, offering a broad portfolio that caters to a wide variety of applications across various sectors. Their products stand out due to their reliability, efficiency, and performance, making them a preferred choice among designers and engineers worldwide.

The BC807-25,215 is just one example of Nexperia’s commitment to delivering high-performance components in compact packages. Manufactured with stringent quality controls and designed for versatile applications, this part underscores Nexperia’s prowess in the field of Small Signal Bipolar Transistors among other electronic components. Through its focus on innovation and sustainability, Nexperia ensures that its offerings, including the BC807-25,215, meet the evolving needs of the technology landscape.

Where to Find BC807-25,215 by Nexperia

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