BC846BLT1G by onsemi

Overview of BC846BLT1G by onsemi

The BC846BLT1G is a general-purpose NPN bipolar junction transistor (BJT) encapsulated in a SOT-23 (TO-236) small outline package. It is designed for surface mounting on printed circuit boards, making it ideal for high-density electronic designs. This component features a collector-emitter voltage of 65V, a continuous collector current of 100mA, and a power dissipation capacity of 300mW. Its transition frequency is rated at 100 MHz, providing good performance in high-frequency signal processing. Notably, the BC846BLT1G offers a DC current gain (hFE) minimum of 200, indicating efficient current amplification. This part is also marked by its Pb-free and RoHS compliance, addressing environmental concerns and regulatory mandates regarding hazardous substances in electronic devices. The moisture sensitivity level (MSL) for this device is rated at 1, highlighting its robustness against moisture-induced damage during the solder reflow process. It operates within a temperature range of -55 °C to 150 °C, making it suitable for various application conditions.

Industry Applications for BC846BLT1G

The BC846BLT1G transistor is versatile, finding utility across a broad spectrum of industries due to its electrical characteristics and physical packaging. While possible applications are diverse, highlights include:

  • Consumer Electronics: Its compact form factor and general-purpose nature make it suitable for numerous consumer electronic applications, such as mobile devices, personal computers, and home entertainment systems, where space-saving and efficiency are crucial.
  • Industrial Automation: The BC846BLT1G could be employed in control circuits within factory automation equipment. Its ability to handle reasonably high frequencies and power dissipation makes it a candidate for switches and amplifiers in automated machinery.
  • Audio and Video Systems: In AV systems, this transistor might be used in preamplifier circuits or as a switching component within audio processors, contributing to clear signal transmission by amplifying weak signals without significant distortion.
  • Education and Research: Due to its general-purpose nature, the BC846BLT1G serves as an exemplary component for educational kits and research projects focused on electronics and circuit design, offering students and researchers insights into semiconductor functionality and applications.
  • Electronic Manufacturing: This transistor’s surface-mount design aids in the streamlined assembly of printed circuit boards, making it a valuable component for the mass production of various electronic devices.

These potential applications are conceptual and should be verified by engineering and design teams to ensure compatibility and optimal performance in specific usage scenarios.

About onsemi

onsemi is a leader in the semiconductor industry, particularly noted for its contributions to the domain of transistors, including small-signal bipolar transistors. The company’s products, like the BC846BLT1G, underscore a commitment to innovation, performance, and environmental responsibility. onsemi provides a broad portfolio of components that cater to a wide range of technological applications. Known for its high-quality manufacturing and cutting-edge design, onsemi ensures its parts, including those in the small signal bipolar transistor category, meet rigorous industry standards and customer expectations. Beyond the BC846BLT1G, onsemi produces a variety of similar parts that find applications in multiple industries, reflecting the company’s versatility and strategic focus on meeting the evolving needs of electronic design and manufacturing.

Where to Find BC846BLT1G by onsemi

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