BC847BPN,115 by Nexperia

Overview of BC847BPN,115 by Nexperia

The BC847BPN,115 is a general-purpose, dual NPN/PNP transistor packaged in a TSSOP 6-Pin configuration, capable of handling collector-emitter voltages up to 45V for both the NPN and PNP transistors. It is designed to accommodate continuous collector currents of up to 100mA. One of the remarkable features of this component is its power dissipation capacity of 0.3W, combined with a high transition frequency of approximately 100 MHz. Additionally, this transistor operates effectively within a wide temperature range up to 150°C, ensuring reliability in demanding environments. The device is configured with separate NPN and PNP elements, making it versatile for a variety of applications where switching or amplification is required.

Manufactured by Nexperia, a leader in the design and production of semiconductors, particularly in the small-signal domain, the BC847BPN,115 boasts compliance with RoHS standards, emphasizing its suitability for use in environments sensitive to hazardous substances. Its surface-mount design, utilizing a SOT363 footprint, supports denser board layouts and facilitates automated assembly processes. With characteristics including high DC current gain (with a minimum hFE of 200), silicon-based transistor element material, and tin terminal finish for improved solderability, this component is engineered for performance and efficiency in circuit design.

Industry Applications for BC847BPN,115

The combination of its high frequency, dual NPN/PNP functionality, and robust thermal performance makes the BC847BPN,115 suited for various industry applications, though its use in specific scenarios should always be verified by engineering and design teams. Some conceptual applications might include:

  • Consumer Electronics: It could serve in power management circuits within smartphones, tablets, and laptops, where dual transistor configurations are advantageous for compact and efficient designs.
  • Audio and Video Systems: The device may find applications in audio amplifiers or video signal processing circuits where mixed transistor types offer flexibility in signal routing and amplification.
  • Power Supplies: Its switching capabilities can be utilized in power supply units, contributing to efficient power conversion and regulation.
  • Industrial Control Systems: The BC847BPN,115 might be utilized in tactile sensors or control circuits within automation equipment, benefiting from its reliability over a broad temperature range and robust switching performance.

Note: These potential applications are illustrative and require thorough analysis and verification by engineering and design teams to ensure compatibility and performance within specific systems or products.

About Nexperia

Nexperia is a globally recognized semiconductor manufacturer, known for its focus on producing highly reliable components, including an extensive range of transistors. Within the realm of transistors, the company specializes in Small Signal Bipolar Transistors, where the BC847BPN,115 stands out as a testament to their expertise in creating compact, efficient, and high-performing semiconductor devices. Nexperia’s commitment to manufacturing excellence is evident in their adherence to stringent quality standards and their capacity to support a wide array of industrial and consumer applications. In addition to the BC847BPN,115, Nexperia manufactures similar components that cater to a diverse range of electronic engineering needs, from power management to signal processing.

Where to Find BC847BPN,115 by Nexperia

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