BSS84LT1G by onsemi

Overview of BSS84LT1G by onsemi

The BSS84LT1G is a single P-Channel Logic Level Power MOSFET designed and manufactured by onsemi. This electronic component is crafted to operate as an efficient switch at logic level, with specifications indicating a drain-source breakdown voltage of minimum 50 V and a maximum drain current of 0.13 A. Its drain-source on-resistance is capped at a maximum of 10 Ω. Encapsulated in a ROHS compliant, SOT-23 (TO-236) 3 lead, miniature package, the BSS84LT1G is designed for efficient performance in compact spaces.

Notably, the BSS84LT1G is certified Pb-free and compliant with REACH regulations, making it an environmentally-friendly choice for manufacturers focused on creating sustainable products. Its factory lead time is currently 53 weeks, as of this writing, indicating a need for planned procurement strategies. Additionally, with a moisture sensitivity level of 1, the BSS84LT1G showcases high durability under varying environmental conditions. The component’s operating temperature range is broad, spanning from -55 °C to 150 °C, which ensures reliability across a wide array of operational conditions.

Industry Applications for BSS84LT1G

  • The BSS84LT1G may be suitable for industrial automation applications, where its ability to switch efficiently at logic levels can be utilized in control systems, process automation, and robotic applications.

  • In energy and power systems, this component could play a critical role in managing power distribution, particularly in systems requiring precise control over power flow and dissipation. Its low on-resistance and high breakdown voltage make it a viable option for efficient power management.

  • The renewable energy sector potentially benefits from the BSS84LT1G, especially in solar inverters and wind turbine controls, where its switching capabilities can optimize power conversion and distribution, enhancing the overall efficiency of renewable energy systems.

  • Additionally, due to its robust performance characteristics including a wide operating temperature range and high moisture sensitivity level, the BSS84LT1G may find applications in automotive electronics, particularly in electric vehicles (EVs) for power management solutions.

About onsemi

onsemi is a renowned manufacturer specializing in semiconductor components, particularly known for its innovation in energy-efficient electronics. Within the realm of transistors, onsemi has carved out a niche for itself by producing high-quality, reliable Small Signal Field-Effect Transistors, among other types. The BSS84LT1G is just one example of onsemi’s commitment to delivering components that enhance the performance and efficiency of electronic systems across various industries. The company’s extensive portfolio includes a wide range of transistors designed for various applications, ensuring that onsemi remains a go-to manufacturer for electronic components needed to drive technological advancements.

Where to Find BSS84LT1G by onsemi

For those looking to procure the BSS84LT1G, our site offers an efficient way to research and compare current stock levels and pricing from various distributors. In addition to direct searches for the BSS84LT1G, our platform provides access to a range of Small Signal Field-Effect Transistors, making it easier to find alternate parts that might be offered by onsemi or other manufacturers.

Historically, the BSS84LT1G has been available at Distributors including Newark, DigiKey, Avnet Americas, and Mouser Electronics. However, to get the most current stock levels and competitive pricing, it’s advisable to check regularly.

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