BZX84C15LT1G by onsemi

Overview of BZX84C15LT1G by onsemi

The BZX84C15LT1G is a Zener diode voltage regulator with a nominal Zener voltage of 15V, a power dissipation of 225mW, and a tolerance of ±6%. Packagaed in a SOT-23 (TO-236) 3 lead, this component is designed to fit in compact spaces on circuit boards. Manufactured by onsemi, the BZX84C15LT1G is a single Zener diode constructed from silicon, featuring unidirectional polarity and a maximum operating temperature of 150°C. Its design makes it suitable for a wide range of voltage regulation applications, protecting circuits by providing a constant output voltage despite fluctuations in the supply.

This device is compliant with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), indicating it meets global environmental standards by avoiding certain hazardous materials in its construction. Additionally, it’s characterized by a dynamic impedance-maximum of 30 Ω and operates within a broad temperature range from -65 °C to 150 °C. Its moisture sensitivity level is classified as 1, which denotes its robustness in various environmental conditions. The surface mount package allows for efficient assembly in manufacturing processes where space and time savings are essential.

Industry Applications for BZX84C15LT1G

The BZX84C15LT1G by onsemi, with its precise voltage regulation and compact form factor, has potential applications across a diverse set of industries. While conceptual in nature, these industries highlight the versatile utility of the BZX84C15LT1G, always necessitating further analysis and verification by engineering and design teams for specific applications.

  • Consumer Electronics: In consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and personal computers, the BZX84C15LT1G can be used for voltage clamping or protection circuits to prevent damage from voltage surges or spikes. Its small footprint and high temperature tolerance make it ideal for the compact and varying operating environments of consumer electronics.
  • Renewable Energy Systems: In solar panels and wind turbines, where voltage levels can fluctuate significantly, the BZX84C15LT1G can help regulate and maintain stable voltage levels to the connected systems, ensuring efficient energy conversion and prolonging the lifespan of the components.
  • Electronic Manufacturing: During the manufacturing of electronic circuit boards, this diode can serve as a protective element or a component in the voltage regulation circuitry of various products, ensuring they meet the required specifications and protection standards.
  • Energy and Power Systems: For power supply units, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and similar energy management equipment, the BZX84C15LT1G can contribute to the stability of output voltage, enhancing the reliability and efficiency of these systems.

It is important to note that these potential applications are purely illustrative and necessitate thorough analysis and testing by qualified professionals to ensure suitability and reliability in the intended use case.

About onsemi

Onsemi is a recognized leader in the semiconductor industry, especially noted for its innovation in diodes, including Zener Driven Snap-Jack. The company has a broad portfolio of products that cater to a wide range of applications, and it is committed to sustainability and efficiency. BZX84C15LT1G is part of onsemi’s broad array of Zener diodes that exhibit high performance, reliability, and scalability for various electronics designs. Onsemi’s expertise in semiconductor technology is highlighted in its efficient and reliable solutions, including not just Zener diodes but other semiconductor products used across industry sectors. Onsemi continues to innovate and expand its product offerings, ensuring they meet the dynamic and evolving needs of the technology sector.

Where to Find BZX84C15LT1g by onsemi

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Historically, the BZX84C15LT1G has been available from distributors such as Wuhan P&S, Win Source Electronics, New Advantage Corporation, and LCSC, among others listed. However, due to fluctuations in electronics component markets, availability in specific distributors can vary. Therefore, it’s advisable to consult for the most current availability and pricing information.

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